How Does Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture Cure Prostatitis?

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Prostatitis is a common disease in men, among which chronic prostatitis has a high incidence in the adult population. It can occur in all age groups of men, accounting for about 1 / 5 of the outpatients of urology. Because of its slow onset, persistent condition, long course of the disease, high recurrence rate, it is difficult to cure the clinic.

As the new four national quintessence of China, traditional Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture are relatively common treatments for prostatitis, which are based on syndrome differentiation and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine. In fact, which one is better is generally related to the condition and doctors.
Acupuncture, as a part of traditional Chinese medicine(TCM), is mainly guided by the basic TCM theory to treat patients' diseases. Acupuncture pays more attention to symptoms rather than causes. It mainly selects acupoints according to the specific symptoms of the patients.
The specific efficacy is related to the age of the patients and the patients' physique. Moxibustion is commonly used for local effects. Acupoints are selected as the perineum, which can promote relaxation of the prostate and its surrounding muscles, promote blood circulation of the pelvic cavity, improve microcirculation, relieve symptoms caused by inflammation, and help dissipation and absorption of local inflammatory exudates, so as to achieve the goal of a cure.

However, the effect of acupuncture on prostatitis is not complete. It can only temporarily promote blood circulation, but not fundamentally cure prostatitis. If only acupuncture is used to treat prostatitis, it will not cure prostatitis but will bring troubles to the later treatment, leading to the recurrent condition. It is best to cooperate with the internal conditioning of traditional Chinese herbal medicine to achieve a thorough cure.

Modern medicine for chronic prostatitis often advocates antibacterial treatment, that is, sensitive antibiotics. However, due to the complex cause of chronic prostatitis and less than 10% is caused by bacteria, antibiotic usually has no obvious effect on most patients. Moreover, the prostate gland of men is covered with a lipid membrane, so it is difficult for the efficacy of generic drugs to reach the affected area.
In addition, antibiotics have side effects such as drug resistance, damage to liver and kidney functions, so it may lead to the imbalance of bacteria, thus aggravating the condition or causing other diseases, so it is not conducive to the patient's health.
Efficacy of traditional Chinese herbal medicine is more thorough in the treatment of chronic prostatitis. Traditional Chinese medicine focuses on mobilizing the body's auto-function and enhance resistance to disease, which can achieve the effect of both the symptoms and causes. For example, the traditional Chinese herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill invented by Dr. Lee Xiaoping in Wuhan has a remarkable effect in chronic prostatitis.

In addition, in order to make the effect of the diuretic Xiaoyan pill act directly on the prostate part of patients and give full play to its effect, channel ushering drug is added to the formula.
Moreover, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill are developed through strict compatibility, and the ingredients in the formula all come from nature, so it will not cause any side effects or any damage to the human body.
Therefore, in the treatment of chronic prostatitis, patients can also take Chinese medicine as the main treatment, acupuncture as a supplementary treatment. At the same time, patients should strictly control the diet and do a good job of keeping good hygiene and best wishes to your recovery!

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