How to Cure Chronic Prostatitis with Chinese Herbal Medicine and Exercise?

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Proper exercise can not only accelerate the blood circulation of the prostate, but also promote the secretion of prostatic fluid, dilute the bacteria and toxin, and discharge the bacteria out of the body through urination or spermatorrhea, which is helpful for the recovery of the body.

Besides, exercises also help patients accelerate the blood circulation, help the drug efficacy to reach the prostate quickly, and increase the therapeutic effect. It can eliminate various symptoms caused by chronic prostatitis, such as lower back pain, lower abdominal pain, and neurasthenia.
When taking part in the exercise, the intensity of exercise should be well controlled, For examples, cycling, motorcycles, horseback riding should be avoided as soon as possible, because the former part of prostate gland may be directly and continuously oppressed, which may aggravate the congestion and edema, leading to the aggravation of the condition.
In daily life, what exercises can help prevent and improve prostatitis?
Jogging is the best form of prostate maintenance. When running, the pelvic floor muscles relax regularly and rhythmically, which can activate the blood circulation of the prostate and its surrounding organs and tissues.

When patients with chronic prostatitis swim, it can relax the muscles around the prostate. Abdominal muscle traction can promote systemic blood circulation and lymph circulation, massage, and accelerate blood supply to the prostate and its surrounding organs.

As a new way of exercise, yoga can play a very good role in the treatment of prostate disease, especially can alleviate prostatitis caused by mental pressure, such as chronic bacterial prostatitis, asymptomatic prostatitis.
For the patients with prostatitis, traditional health care exercises, such as Taijiquan, can help relax the whole body muscles and reduce the tension of blood vessels. Traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) believes that Taijiquan has the functions of tonifying kidney, strengthening muscles and bones, and resisting diseases.
When Taijiquan is played, the action is guided by the mind, which helps to eliminate the stimulation of mental tension factors on the human body and helps to expand blood vessels.

It is worth mentioning that, in terms of its effect on prostatitis, taking part in exercises plays a role in prevention and improvement and can be used as an auxiliary treatment. However, it does not hold the effect of a thorough cure, so if the patients want to cure the disease completely, they need to be treated by other scientific methods.
And TCM has its unique advantages in the treatment of chronic prostatitis. TCM treatment emphasizes syndrome differentiation and treatment and will give different treatment methods according to different conditions of patients. And compared with the side effects and limitations of empirical antibiotic treatment, the effect of herbal medicine will be better.
Based on the TCM treatment theory and more than 30 years of practice experience, Dr. Lee Xiaoping from Wuhan developed a patent Chinese herbal medicine named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which is made of more than 50 kinds of natural herbs through reasonable addition and subtraction and strict compatibility.

In the treatment of prostatitis, it can not only play a targeted treatment effect, but also help patients to enhance immunity, so as to achieve the effect of eliminating symptoms and causes, and preventing a recurrence. Therefore, it is the right medicine for chronic prostatitis.

Of course, traditional Chinese medicine may take a longer course, which requires patients to be more patient, and at the same time, strict to the diet and keep good personal hygiene is also needed to achieve the ideal therapeutic effect.

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