Why Is Chronic Prostatitis Recurrent?

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Man who suffers from chronic prostatitis may express such sentiments when they treat diseases, then why my chronic prostatitis can not be cured, and repeated so many time? In fact, the prostate structure, pathogenesis, and other factors, all of them will lead to recurrent chronic prostatitis.

Causes of Recurrent Prostatitis
1. Complex structure
The prostate is adjacent to the bladder, the rectum, and the seminal vesicle and vas deferens, urethra and ejaculatory duct pass through the prostate, these organs and prostate can affect each other. The prostate is a glandular secretory organ, the vertical angle or oblique entry of the glandular duct into the posterior urethra, the path is long with a small opening. It is easy to be affected by many factors, resulting in the retention of the prostatic fluid and easy to induce infection.
2. Histological changes of the prostate
Chronic prostatitis can lead to vessel occlusion, fibrosis and scar formation of glandular parenchyma, glandular atrophy, hardening or edema, and even calcification and stone in the prostate, which makes it difficult for drug therapy to be effective in the prostate. Pathogens can proliferate and diffuse in a large number in the local area, aggravating the inflammation of the local area, the extent of glandular duct occlusion and degree of fibrosis.
3. Complex and diverse etiology
In addition to bacterial infection, prostatic pain is also caused by autoimmune reaction or abnormal immunity, pelvic floor muscle tension, urinary reflux in the prostate, physical injury, prostatic calculi, inflammation, long-term congestion, uric acid abnormality, urethral stricture, hypertrophy of seminal testis, prostatic hyperplasia, food allergy, fungal or viral infection, etc., all of these are important factors of pain and inflammation. Tissues and organs around the prostate, muscle and nerve dysfunction may also lead to pathological changes in prostatitis.


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