Summer: The Golden Time for Prostatitis Treatment

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Summer, which is the season of a high incidence of urinary system diseases, high temperature, long-term sitting, holding back urine, tension and many other factors may cause prostatitis. The symptoms of prostatitis can be alleviated in summer, which is directly related to temperature. In summer, when the temperature is increasing, the secretion of sweat glands increases and the times of urination naturally decreases. 

In addition, the temperature can relax the sphincter around the prostate, dilate blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation, alleviate the symptoms of prostate edema, congestion and so on. It is beneficial to the recovery of prostatitis. Therefore, the symptoms of prostatitis may appear naturally temporarily. But this is only a deceptive trick for prostatitis. It is advised not to stop treatment because of the alleviation of symptoms and miss a good opportunity for treatment.
According to expert analysis, the number of patients visiting the urology department of the hospital has increased significantly since summer, and most of them are prostatic diseases. In a series of health surveys, 86% of adult males suffer from prostate diseases. 
Among them, 57% were acute and chronic prostatitis, they are mainly young and middle-aged men aged 20-40 years old, 28% had different degrees of benign prostatic hyperplasia mainly in the age group of 50-80 years old. The census results also showed that the number of patients with prostate diseases increased sharply in the hot weather.
If prostatitis is not cured, long-term inflammation or proliferation will induce prostate cancer. In America, the incidence of prostate cancer is increasing year by year and has become an important disease threatening male’s normal life. Influenced by the traditional thought, people think that the emergence of the disease can be cured with the body's resistance, resulting in severe conditions, delaying the best opportunity for treatment. 
The patients with prostatic diseases that can not be cured have obvious mental burden, insomnia, anxiety, depression and other symptoms. And besides that, the frequent urination, urgent urination, pain, incomplete urination and lower abdominal pain, perineal distention and pain, all of them can affect men’s life and work. 
Most patients will have decreased libido, impotence, premature ejaculation, erectile pain, ejaculatory pain, hemospermia, etc. Which may affect the life and sexual life of couples. It may also cause infertility, renal dysfunction, and severe prostatic hyperplasia, or even develop into uremia.
According to experts, the high temperature in summer, people’s blood circulation, and sphincter contraction are better, which is conducive to the recovery of prostatitis. Meanwhile, because of the weather, check and physiotherapy for patients are more convenient, the symptoms of patients at this time are alleviated, the effect of treatment will be better. 
Therefore, the treatment of prostatic diseases in summer can not be ignored, patients should take advantage of the time to alleviate symptoms, grasp the opportunity to treat it. Otherwise, it will aggravate the condition, cause more serious consequences, get half the results with double the effort.
The treatment of prostatitis is mainly based on anti-bacteria and anti-inflammation. Some patients take chemical antibiotics or other therapies, but the effect is not significant, and it has produced great side effects. 
Therefore, most patients tend to choose more conservative natural medicine treatment, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which mainly treats male urogenital system diseases (or female urogenital system diseases), the main ingredients are plantain seed, dianthus superbus, polygonum aviculare, safflower, red peony, houttuynia cordata and other natural herbs, with anti-proliferation, anti-fibrosis. It can kill all pathogenic bacteria and viruses, and completely eliminate inflammation. 
Only then can we thoroughly solve prostatitis. Patients with prostatitis can also consider physical therapy, including prostate massage, biofeedback therapy, and hyperthermia, which may effectively improve the symptoms of patients with chronic prostatitis. Prostate massage is mainly used for the treatment of chronic non-bacterial prostatitis. Biofeedback therapy is suitable for chronic prostatitis patients with pelvic floor muscle dysfunction. Thermotherapy uses a variety of physical means to increase the blood circulation of prostate tissue, accelerate metabolism, and relieve symptoms in the short term.
Although the symptoms of prostatitis patients may appear temporarily relieved naturally in summer, it will return to their original state once the weather becomes colder. The incidence of prostatitis is still high. The best treatment is when the symptoms of prostatitis are alleviated in summer, you should see a doctor immediately and receive proper treatment Do not stop treatment because of the alleviation of symptoms and miss the good opportunity of treatment.