Can Chronic Prostatitis Recur after Being Cured by Chinese Herbal Medicine?

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The main causes of prostatitis are the direct spread of urinary tract infection, the spread of blood in other parts of the body, and prostatic stones. In addition, various factors such as excessive drinking, sexual stimulation, sedentary, tight clothing, long-term riding and crossing movements, and perineum injury are also the inducing factors of prostatitis.

If we want to know whether chronic prostatitis will recur or not after being cured with Chinese herbal medicine, first, we need to know what causes recurrence.
1.  Incomplete treatment
Although, in some cases, it seems that the symptoms have disappeared, in fact, it has not been completely cured. Many patients stop treatment immediately after symptoms have been improved for a period of time. It is likely that the cause of the disease may not have been removed, so we must follow the doctor's orders to carry out the corresponding courses.
2. The anatomical structure of the prostate
The prostate can be divided into the central area, peripheral area, and transitional area. The length and curvature of the gland tube in the peripheral area are long, and it enters the urethra at a right angle or obliquely upward. This kind of anatomical structure is easy to obstruct the drainage of prostate secretion and make the catheter return around the urethra, resulting in recurrence.

3. Drug efficacy can not directly affect the focus
The prostate is surrounded by interstitial and glandular tissue, smooth muscle and connective tissue; many drugs are difficult to reach the focus.

4. Drug resistance
The effect of long-term antibiotic treatment will be very obvious in the early stage of taking medicine, but a large number of antibiotics in the body will cause drug resistance, and can't continue to play its role in the later stage of treatment, so the patients will find that their condition is persistent.
But Chinese herbal medicine, such as the common Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, has unique advantages for the treatment of chronic prostatitis. It has stable drug efficacy and will not cause any side effects. Patients can take it with confidence, and there is no need to worry about the growth of intestinal drug-resistant bacteria.
In addition, under the effect of channel ushering drugs, the efficacy can penetrate the prostate membrane, effective concentration can reach the lesion, remove the inflammation of the genital tract completely and restore the normal function of the prostate gland, and help patients alleviate the discomfort.

Moreover, the anti-proliferation and anti-fibrosis effect of Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can effectively prevent the proliferation of residual lesions and recurrence. In fact, the treatment of prostatitis is a relatively long process. It needs certain patience and a good attitude to achieve a thorough cure.

Recurrent chronic prostatitis also has a lot to do with bad psychology at ordinary times. Pessimistic, negative, depressed, anxious, depressed, and other negative emotions will lead to endocrine disorders and affect immune function. When the immune power is relatively low, it will also lead to recurrence.
During the treatment, the following treatment principles should also be followed:
1. It is advisable to eat nutritious and digestible food and form good eating habits;
2. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, to keep the stool unobstructed;
3. Avoid spicy and irritant food;
4. Quit smoking and drinking;
5. Avoid holding urine and keep perineum warm;

6. Regular sex, do not masturbate frequently;
7. Take part in more exercises to enhance immunity;
Chinese herbal medicine has its special curative effect in the treatment of prostatitis. The treatment duration depends on the individual differences, and it is also related to the severity of the patient's condition, the sensitivity to traditional Chinese medicine, and the patient's constitution. Finally, best wishes for your recovery!

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