Can Chronic Prostatitis Recur after Being Cured by Chinese Herbal Medicine?

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The main causes of prostatitis are the direct spread of urinary tract infection, the spread of blood in other parts of the body, and prostatic stones. In addition, various factors such as excessive drinking, sexual stimulation, sedentary, tight clothing, long-term riding and crossing movements, and perineum injury are also the inducing factors of prostatitis.

If we want to know whether chronic prostatitis will recur or not after being cured with Chinese herbal medicine, first, we need to know what causes recurrence.
1.  Incomplete treatment
Although, in some cases, it seems that the symptoms have disappeared, in fact, it has not been completely cured. Many patients stop treatment immediately after symptoms have been improved for a period of time. It is likely that the cause of the disease may not have been removed, so we must follow the doctor's orders to carry out the corresponding courses.
2. The anatomical structure of the prostate
The prostate can be divided into the central area, peripheral area, and transitional area. The length and curvature of the gland tube in the peripheral area are long, and it enters the urethra at a right angle or obliquely upward. This kind of anatomical structure is easy to obstruct the drainage of prostate secretion and make the catheter return around the urethra, resulting in recurrence.

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