Treat Chronic Prostatitis with Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine and Sitz Bath

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Sitz bath therapy has a history of 2000 years in China, and it is a kind of external treatment in traditional Chinese medicine(TCM). Sitz bath is one of the best ways to treat prostate, hemorrhoids, and self-care. It can shorten the course of treatment and alleviate the suffering of patients.
A warm sitz bath does not need special equipment; patients can carry out at home, which is simple and convenient. After relieving yourself, put half of the basin of water about 40 ℃ water (when you put hands in and do not feel hot), then sit in the basin for about 10-30 minutes each time.
You can add a proper amount of hot water when the water temperature drops so as to maintain the effective temperature of the water. You can do this 1-2 times a day, ten days as a course of treatment. Besides, appropriate aromatic Chinese herbs can be added, such as Atractylodes lanceolata, clematis, cardamom, and so on, which is good for the discharge of inflammatory secretion.
In clinical treatment, many doctors in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic prostatitis often ask patients to take a sitz bath in the premise of conventional treatment.
In fact, the principle of warm sitz bath is very simple, which can make the local temperature of prostate increase, relax the muscles, expand blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation, promote the dissipation and absorption of local inflammatory exudates, and make patients feel warm and comfortable, and relieve symptoms.

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