How Is Clumpy Semen Treated?

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A large number of cases show that the thickness of men's semen will have an impact on fertility. Whether it is too thick or too thin, it will affect the motility and activity rate of the sperm.

The common causes of clumpy semen are insufficient fibrinolytic enzyme secreted by prostate due to seminal vesiculitis and prostatitis, lack of trace elements (magnesium, zinc, etc.), and congenital absence of prostate, etc. It is generally believed that the secretion of prostate and seminal vesicle participate in the process of semen coagulation and liquefaction.
The coagulation factors produced by seminal vesicles cause semen coagulation, while the semen liquefaction factors produced by the prostate, such as proteolytic enzyme and fibrinolytic protease, make semen liquefied.
Once inflammation occurs in the seminal vesicle or prostate, the secretion of the above factors will be blocked, resulting in the increase of coagulation factor or the decrease of liquefaction factor, and the formation of clumpy semen.

1. Clumpy semen caused by prostatitis, seminal vesicular adenitis, and other primary lesions need to be thoroughly treated, and Chinese herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification, promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, which has a good curative effect on chronic prostatitis.

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