Qigong Can Be Used as an Assistant Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

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Qigong is an important part of traditional Chinese medicine, which has a history of more than 2000 years in China. It is a traditional Chinese method for health care, preservation, and disease elimination. It is a kind of physical and mental exercise method with the means of breath adjustment, physical activity adjustment, and consciousness adjustment.

The goal of Qigong is to strengthen the body, preventing and treating diseases, extending the body, and developing potential. It is characterized by holistic therapy, which can make people energetic and energetic. At the same time, it can significantly improve the sexual function of men and women and treat all kinds of sexual dysfunction.
1. Pose
Sitting on a rattan chair or sofa, keep the upper body at a 35-45 degree incline, keep the head and neck straight, place a thin soft pillow behind the head, make the lower jaw adduct, bend the knee joint at 120 degrees, separate the feet with the shoulder width, step on the ground, loosen the shoulder and hang the arm, hold the hands in front of the abdomen.
2. Breathing
At first, the practitioner should not change the original natural breathing form and then gradually change to abdominal breathing naturally rather than consciously. After a period of exercise, the deep breathing method was used. When inhaled, the chest and abdomen were all raised, gradually reaching a deep, quiet status

3. Mind your concentration
Concentrate your mind in the lower part is the part where the air under the navel and Guanyuan. That is, to eliminate distractions, concentrate on the parts of the lower Dantian, and look back at the eyes, send it to Dantian with the intention to see the overflow and listen to the two ears.

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