Psychotherapy for Chronic prostatitis with Sexual Dysfunction

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Chronic prostatitis patients are often accompanied by sexual dysfunction, the most common manifestations of different degrees of sexual desire decline, erectile dysfunction and ejaculatory dysfunction, sexual dysfunction seriously affects the quality of life of patients, making their spirit and body suffer a great deal of torture. 
The pathogenesis of chronic prostatitis associated with sexual dysfunction is complex. Previous studies have suggested that prostatitis associated with sexual dysfunction is related to organic lesions, such as atrophy of glands, fibrosis, and caruncle lesions caused by prostatitis stimulation.
However, current studies have shown that the more important cause of chronic prostatitis associated with sexual dysfunction is functional and psychological factors occupy. It has an important position.
In clinical practice, it may be difficult to find the changes in neurovascular and pathological sex hormone levels in patients with chronic prostatitis and sexual dysfunction after detailed examination, and even many patients have not recovered from chronic prostatitis, but their sexual function has returned to normal after the psychological intervention.

Therefore, it is necessary to develop individual psychological intervention measures according to patients' psychological state for the treatment of chronic prostatitis patients with sexual dysfunction.

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