Role of Music Therapy on Chronic Prostatitis with Sexual Dysfunction

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Music therapy is based on the practical function of music, applying music, or music-related experience as a means to treat diseases or promote physical and mental health according to the systematic treatment procedures. As long as it is a systematic, planned and purposeful application of music as a means to achieve the purpose of promoting human physical and mental health, treatment methods and activities should belong to the scope of music therapy.
On the one hand, the frequency and pressure of music sound waves will cause a physiological response. The frequency, rhythm and regular vibration of music are a kind of physical energy, while the moderate physical energy will cause the harmonious resonance of human tissue cells, which will affect the brain wave, heart rate, respiratory rhythm, etc.;
On the other hand, the frequency and pressure of music sound waves will cause a psychological response. Benign music can improve the excitability of the cerebral cortex, improve people's moods, stimulate people's feelings, and stimulate people's spirit. At the same time, it can also help to eliminate the bad psychological state caused by psychological and social factors, such as tension, anxiety, depression, terror, and improve the ability of stress.
Pain is a common symptom of most diseases, which brings great physical and mental pain to patients. The pain relief effect of music has been confirmed by a large number of related research and clinical practice.
The desensitization of the music system is a behavioral correction method of behaviorism, which is usually used in the treatment of phobia. But it also has a good effect on many behavioral disorders, such as sexual dysfunction. System desensitization includes two parts: gradual muscle relaxation and grade desensitization.

Although music therapy is good adjuvant therapy, it is not suitable for everyone. As a supplementary therapy, music therapy can reduce the alienation and resistance of patients when they go to see a doctor, but it can not completely replace other psychotherapy methods, and some patients are not suitable for music therapy at all.
Due to stimulation of chronic inflammation, the prostate will stay in the state of hyperemia and edema for a long time, and this state will increase the excitability of male sexual organs and sexual nerve center, and reduce the threshold of sexual excitation, so it will cause the patients to lose the ability to control ejaculation, resulting in premature ejaculation and other sexual dysfunction.
So for this kind of patient, as long as chronic prostatitis is fundamentally cured, then sexual dysfunction will be alleviated and enhanced. Herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill invented by Dr. Lee can achieve a significant effect, which can be a great choice.

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