Don't Stop at a Good Time When Treating Chronic Prostatitis, Persistence is Important

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Doctors often say adherence to treatment to patients with chronic prostate disease. Many patients will answer: "doctor, I insist on treatment! I take medicine on time, three times a day, one time without pulling, and I have been taking it for two months. Isn't that called insisting on treatment?"

Hearing such an answer, doctors are often helpless. Admittedly, in February, we did persist. However, for chronic prostatitis, this time is short. For patients in the next few decades, 1-2 months can only be regarded as a short moment.
The doctor suggested that sticking to treatment was to cure the disease.
Chronic prostatitis is the result of long-term bad living habits, and it is impossible to recover in a short time. In particular, the prostate is in a unique position and plays a vital role in the human body. The process of the radical treatment itself is long.
Many chronic prostate patients often stop treatment when their condition improves, which is frequently encountered by many doctors. Patients who are sensitive to drugs and have good absorption function will respond well and take effect quickly after taking medicine. Once the symptoms are relieved, they will think that they have recovered and will not continue to treat. But I don't know that the curative effect does not mean recovery.
The disease has improved, and the medication needs to be adjusted. Therefore, after taking medicine for some time, the doctor will change the prescription based on the examination results to continue to treat and eradicate the disease. The patient thought that he had recovered and stopped treatment. He gradually aggravated his illness unconsciously.
Stopping treatment midway is equivalent to discarding all previous efforts. The consequences are the recurrence shortly and the drug resistance of the body caused by the last medication, both of which make it difficult for the patient to be treated again.
Some patients did not have a good effect after taking medicine due to their physique and other reasons. They doubted the doctor's skills and prescriptions, so they stopped treatment. Such abandonment is even more undesirable. The difference in the human body is an essential factor in the effectiveness rate after taking medicine. Therefore, patients who cannot feel effective obviously must understand why they are ineffective.
Here is a short story to share with you:
Tads unfortunately diagnosed with chronic prostatitis four years ago. At first, it took antibiotics, physical therapy, and various drug treatments, but it never improved. By chance, he learned that Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill could cure his disease, so he began to take them.
After taking the first course of treatment, Tads' frequency of urination, urgency of urination, pain in urination, and symptoms of pain in urination have been improved, but there are still pain symptoms. He felt the effect was slow. With Dr. Li's explanation, he understood that the impact of traditional Chinese medicine was slower, but it acted on the whole body. So he continued the treatment.
When he insisted on the fourth course of treatment, he found that this made him happy, and what surprised him more was that his results were expected after the examination.
Have you selected the right doctor, taken the medicine according to the doctor'sdoctor's advice, and had no effect? The case of Tads is a case of persistence, a rare persistence!
As the saying goes, disease comes like a mountain and goes like a thread. This seems exaggerated, but it can clearly explain the onset and improvement of chronic diseases. It took eight months to eliminate a seemingly insignificant tendon sheath cyst, and the treatment of prostatitis will only be slower and more complex.
The improvement of chronic diseases is a cumulative process. Doctors take curing diseases as their responsibility, and conscientious doctors want to relieve patients' pain. Only by choosing a good doctor, sticking to the treatment according to the doctor's advice, and not giving up halfway can men improve prostatitis.
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