Stress and Anxiety in Prostatitis Patients, What to Do?

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Patients with prostatitis are indeed under a lot of stress, and this problem speaks to the hearts of many prostatitis patients. In clinical practice, doctors found that many patients with prostatitis are prone to psychological issues such as anxiety and depression. Before answering "what to do with the stress and anxiety caused by prostatitis?" let's look briefly at prostatitis.

The most common clinical condition is prostatitis, and doctors can find that eight out of ten men have prostatitis, especially young and middle-aged men. In all cases of prostatitis, chronic prostatitis is commonly seen. Its main symptoms are frequent, urgent, painful, and obstructed urination, draining after urination, increased nocturia times, suprapubic lumbosacral and perineal pain, etc. 
Acute prostatitis can be quickly controlled by antimicrobial therapy in general. However, if the patients are not cured thoroughly or promptly, it will lead to prolonged symptoms, or it may develop into chronic prostatitis.
The stress is not because prostatitis is like a "terminal illness." Prostatitis is similar to chronic pharyngitis or chronic gastritis, which is the inflammation of a body part. Usually, diseases will not kill people.

So, what makes the patients so psychologically stressed? 
The main reason is that the above symptoms of urination problems and pain cannot be cured for a long time, which continue to affect work and life. Also, the symptoms may worsen once the bad habits are not improved, or the patients stop taking the medication privately. Over time, the patients will feel stressed and even anxious and insomniac.
Clinically, prostatitis can lead to anxiety in many patients. However, patients with prostatitis do not need to worry excessively. Prostatitis is a benign prostate disease and has no particular impact on the patients' health and the prostate, so there is no need to worry about it. In addition, if the anxiety is severe, the patients can go to the psychology department for anti-anxiety treatment. If the anxiety is relieved, then prostatitis can be reduced naturally.
For prostatitis patients with anxiety symptoms, the first thing they should do is carry out the anti-anxiety treatment. During anti-anxiety treatment, patients can choose vitamin B complex and other medications for a conditioning treatment. In addition, psychological counseling should be done frequently to build up the patients' confidence in overcoming the disease and make the patients trust the doctor in charge. 
Most prostatitis patients have a history of multiple medical consultations and have poor compliance. Only after the mutual trust between the doctor and the patients is built can the patients adhere to the treatment. Only by insisting on treatment can patients achieve good treatment results.
In addition to the above treatment, treating primary diseases is equally important. For example, patients should treat the primary disease of prostatitis, and they should also treat the series of symptoms caused by prostatitis at the same time, such as prostate pain, impotence, premature ejaculation, and so on. When the symptoms of prostatitis are gradually relieved, the patients' confidence in treatment will multiply, and the anxiety symptoms will be gradually relieved.
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