Can Low Immunity Lead to Prostatitis? How to Improve Immunity?

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Prostatitis is a disease easily found in male patients. There are many complex reasons and bad habits in daily life that may lead to prostatitis. In addition, men's indifference to the disease may induce various complications. 

Prostatitis and the body's immunity are linked to a certain extent. If the body's immunity is low, it is easy to cause repeated infection of some body organs. At the same time, prostatitis can lead to the decline of the body's immune function. So, can low immunity cause prostatitis? What should male patients do to improve their immune function in daily life?
There are many causes of prostatitis, such as microbial infections, prostate congestion, autoimmune factors, allergies, or psychological factors that can all cause prostatitis to occur in men. When the immune function is normal, the male urethra and prostate parasite flora can form and maintain a relative balance with the host so that they will not proliferate and spread and will not cause the dominant infection of the prostate. 
However, when the body's immune function declines, the prostate's resistance to germs is reduced. In this case, it is easy to cause bacterial invasion and induce disease. Therefore, low immunity is likely to lead to prostatitis, especially nonbacterial prostatitis.
However, it is important to note that a low immune system does not necessarily cause prostatitis. It is only one causative factor. Other causes, such as bacterial infections, tumors, surgery, overwork, alcoholism, taking immunosuppressants, having other diseases, and frequent masturbation or sex, can all contribute to prostatitis. Therefore, men should pay attention to improving their bad habits and improving their immunity to avoid causing or aggravating prostatitis.
To enhance the body's immune function, prostatitis patients can start with the following aspects of daily life:
1.Prostatitis patients should keep a regular life. They can adhere to appropriate physical exercise. For example, they can play tai chi, sprint, walk after meals, etc. These exercises can improve blood circulation, are conducive to the absorption of local inflammation, and can enhance the body's intrinsic resistance and immune function.
2.Prostatitis patients should do movements promoting muscles in the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and perineum. These movements can make the prostate gland get a massage and functional adjustment and promote the blood circulation and lymph circulation of the prostate tissue.
3.Prostatitis patients should keep their bowels open and drink more water. More water leads to more urination. The urine can help flush the urethra, help discharge prostate secretions, and is conducive to the prevention of repeated infections.
4.Prostatitis patients should keep a healthy diet. They should avoid alcohol and spicy foods and pay attention to supplementing zinc elements, which can increase the antibacterial and anti-infectious function of the prostate. They can eat more food with high zinc content, such as white melon seeds, peanut seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame, etc.
5. Prostatitis patients should pay attention to the local warmth of the prostate. A warm environment can make the luminal pressure in the prostate, and seminal tract reduces and causes the smooth muscle fibers to relax. As a result, it can reduce the resistance to the outlet, make the drainage of the prostate smooth, and reduce the contraction of muscle group organization. Besides, it can improve the oxygen content of the tissues and make it easier for the congestion edema of the prostate to be restored. 
Therefore, male patients with prostatitis should actively improve their immune system, enhance their physical fitness and keep their bodies healthy.
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