Just Eliminate Inflammation for Chronic Prostatitis? It May not be Enough

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Many men experience chronic prostatitis. Once chronic prostatitis occurs, it is easy to repeat and difficult to cure. Most men think of anti-inflammatory when they mention prostatitis treatment, and some men have no effect after using anti-inflammatory drugs, which makes them puzzled. In fact, not all chronic prostatitis needs anti-inflammatory drugs.

Why is it useless to eliminate inflammation for chronic prostatitis?
1. The nature of inflammation
In the case of bacterial prostatitis, as long as the patient receives antibiotics and completes the treatment as scheduled, they can recover because of antibiotics' efficacy in killing bacteria. Chronic prostatitis refers to the inflammation of the prostate gland, but there are many causes. Among them, 90% were found to be non-bacterial inflammation, that is, inflammation caused by no bacterial invasion. 
Some are caused by repeated congestion of the prostate, and some are caused by disorders of the neuroendocrine system. Prostatitis caused by these non-bacterial causes cannot be effective after using anti-inflammatory drugs because they are bactericidal and anti-inflammatory. Without bacteria, these drugs have no effect. 
2. Misuse of anti-inflammatory drugs
The so-called anti-inflammatory drug has a broad definition. At present, all drugs that can reduce inflammation are called anti-inflammatory drugs. The most common are aspirin and acetaminophen, which relieve pain and reduce fever. The anti-inflammatory drugs for the treatment of prostatitis are not there. But what we often call antibiotics are anti-inflammatory drugs against bacteria. When bacteria invade and trigger inflammation such as suppuration, antibiotics can kill the bacteria and bring the inflammation under control.
3. Not paying attention to life care
At present, various improper lifestyles make the body in a sub-healthy state and also make many diseases uncontrolled, such as staying up late, smoking, drinking, and so on. However, if men do not take care of themselves during the treatment and use of anti-inflammatory drugs, inflammation will not be improved under the stimulation of living habits.
For chronic prostate disease, reparative treatment for glandular lesions is essential for patients' pain relief. Only when the lesions are repaired and the metabolism becomes smooth the patient's condition will be improved accordingly, and it will be fundamentally improved.
How to cure chronic prostatitis?
First, it is necessary to check whether it is bacterial or non-bacterial prostatitis and then take appropriate treatment according to the specific cause. Patients should not blindly use anti-inflammatory drugs. After all, drugs have side effects. Too much use will not only have no effect but will cause other harm due to drug side effects.
Patients with chronic prostatitis can choose Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill if they want to get proper treatment. It has the functions of sterilizing, clearing heat, detoxifying, promoting blood circulation, and relieving pain, and it can play a targeted therapeutic effect on chronic prostatitis. At the same time as treatment, the urogenital system of the patient can be comprehensively improved so that various uncomfortable prostatitis symptoms of the patient can be effectively eliminated.
In the treatment process, patients should also take good care of life, not eat spicy and stimulating food, quit smoking and drinking, and insist on exercising. These can improve resistance, help control inflammation, and help stabilize the condition. They must also avoid prolonged sitting to avoid pressure on the prostate gland.
Chronic prostatitis is easy to repeat, bringing great trouble to patients, so it is necessary to take corrective measures for treatment. In addition, patients with chronic prostatitis can have a good sex life to help eliminate inflammation, but the frequency should not be too frequent.
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