Don't Say that Chronic Prostatitis Can't be Cured! Is Your Treatment Right?

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Chronic prostatitis can really be treated well. We should understand this truth. Why do you have chronic prostatitis? It is because of your previous bad habits, such as (staying up late, drinking alcohol, not shooting sperm, masturbating frequently, and holding urine, etc.). These bad habits will stimulate your prostate bit by bit. Finally, one day, it can't hold fast and breaks out! Then you will have symptoms, such as frequent urination, urgency, premature ejaculation, impotence, abdominal pain, etc.

Think about what kind of bad habits you have constantly been stimulating your prostate. Change these bad habits and then form good habits. A good habit can help the prostate recover and improve your prostate gradually.
What is the good habit of benefiting and recovering from prostatitis?
The first is sleep, no doubt we all know. But if the temperature in the room is low, you must not go to sleep with your feet exposed and your lower body exposed, especially those who like to kick the quilt indiscriminately. You will find your lower body is cold when you get up the next day. The prostate is very sensitive to temperature. It likes hot but not cold! In a hot environment, the blood in the lower body will accelerate circulation.
If you kick the quilt, it is recommended that you turn the air conditioner on until your feet are not cold outside and then go to sleep. Turning the air conditioner on is better, but not too cold. Generally, it is opened to 21 degrees, and the quilt is covered tightly to sleep. When you get up the following day, you will find that the whole quilt is warm, and the lower body is exceptionally comfortable!
The second detail is to have regular sex. Sexual life is also one of the leading causes of male prostatitis. In addition to the cross infection caused by some urinary diseases, it is also related to the frequency of sexual life. If the frequency of sexual life is too high or too low, it may affect the stability of prostate fluid, which will lead to prostatitis, prostate hyperplasia, and other prostate diseases.
The third detail is to avoid long-time sitting. It is impossible to avoid sitting for a long time. You must wear a hollow prostate mat. If you are afraid that others will see it, you can buy a thick cushion to wrap your lower body. It will be very comfortable.
The fourth detail is multiple movements. Exercise can not only improve personal physical fitness but also accelerate the secretion of prostate fluid. Prostatic fluid is one of the essential cells of the prostate and the entire reproductive system. Once the prostatic fluid is stable, the probability of men who have prostatitis will be reduced.
But remember not to strain the prostate. The prostate is too fragile and delicate when it gets sick! If you exercise for a long time or do some vigorous exercise, it will be more harmful to your recovery.
The fifth detail is diet. Eat less meat. There are many reasons for prostatitis. In addition to problems in the urinary system, it may also be related to the "three high" problem. For example, high blood fat may affect the stability of the prostate. In this case, men must eat less meat and drink less alcohol.
Patients can eat more vegetarians. Most vegetables contain water and vitamins, especially celery, small green vegetables, winter melon, and broccoli, which are rich in various vitamins. Therefore, men can eat more vegetables, which can not only effectively prevent prostatitis but also prevent suffering from "three highs."
Prostatitis can be cured by symptomatic treatment. The main effects of the traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill include clearing away heat and toxic substances, activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, diuresis and terminating drenching, etc. Combined with pangolin to remove blood stasis and remove turbidity, it can treat various types of prostatitis symptomatically. 
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