Why Your Prostatitis Symptoms Worsened When The Weather Gets Colder?

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Males are familiar with prostatitis because the incidence rate of prostatitis is the highest among male diseases. When the weather gets cold and dry, in principle, most areas where infectious diseases are prone to occur are often limited by low temperatures and humidity, so the incidence is significantly reduced in cold weather. But many men find a problem that prostatitis is more common in cold weather than in other seasons. Even many people who have been treated have recurring symptoms. 

So what is the cause of this phenomenon?
First of all, the prostate is an organ that is afraid of cold, and it is located at the bottom of the pelvis. Cold stools and chairs are very close to the prostate as soon as men sit down. In addition, there is no thick layer of fat around the prostate. Therefore, when the prostate gland feels cold, it will quickly become congested and show blood stasis, Qi, and stagnation. Combined with the cold weather, this is one of the primary triggers of sterile prostatitis. So in cold weather, men must wear thick clothes and put a cushion on the stool. 
Secondly, people are susceptible to colds when temperatures plummet, leading to a drop in immunity. When a person catches a cold, the body's immunity decreases, and various germs are more likely to invade the body. Moreover, the increased temperature difference between day and night will lead to the excitement of the sympathetic nerve and contraction of gland muscles and blood vessels. As a result, patients will show poor prostatitis excretion, frequent and urgent urination, urine, and other aggravated symptoms.
In addition, being sedentary will also increase the burden on the prostate gland, leading to the aggravation of prostatitis. When the weather is cold, many people reduce outdoor activities and stay home to kill time. They do nothing more than watch TV and play with their mobile phone. At work, men sit all day looking at the computer. They go outside and exercise much less. Moreover, reducing drinking water and urine volume in cold weather can promote the local "settlement" of pathogenic microorganisms in the prostate, which can easily lead to the attack or aggravation of prostatitis. 
Last but not least, men in cold weather usually wear layers of clothes to protect against the cold. As a result, the prostate area cannot breathe well as it does in summer. Thus, the prostate may easily infect bacteria. So men have a higher incidence of aggravating their symptoms of prostatitis. 
In short, because of the cold weather, people easily get cold, and their immunity is reduced. People are more likely to be sedentary in cold weather. All these factors can lead to the aggravation of prostatitis. To prevent the temperature from turning prostatitis into a disturbance, men must pay attention to keeping warm and avoid the occurrence of male diseases. Change living habits, do not endanger health because of temporary greed or gluttonousness. 
At the same time, try to overcome the fear of the cold, find opportunities to exercise, and avoid sitting for long periods. Also, men should drink more water and urinate more. All these habits can reduce the risk of multiple diseases. 
To treat prostatitis, men should go to a professional hospital for standardized diagnosis and treatment. Do delay the condition. In order to avoid the aggravation of s in winter, patients can also take the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which can eliminate the symptoms related to prostatitis in the patient's body and will not harm the body. Taking it is both convenient and effective.
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