Why Chronic Prostatitis Patients Become Thirstier When They Drink More Water?

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For patients with chronic prostatitis, chronic prostatitis is not only a physical disease but has a tremendous psychological impact on patients. For example, many patients may find themselves getting thirstier when they drink more water, and they worry that it's too hard on their kidneys. Men with chronic prostatitis must seek timely treatment when they have confusion about the disease. Also, early treatment is more simple and will not produce side effects.

Then, why do Chronic Prostatitis patients become thirstier when they drink more water? Is this the case, or is it an illusion?
As a common urological disease, the typical symptoms of chronic prostatitis include frequent, urgent, and painful urination and other urinary symptoms. Doctors often advise patients to drink more water and urinate more. Urine flushing can reduce the impurities in the urinary system, relieve the clinical signs of patients and benefit the treatment of prostatitis. In other words, drinking water can boost the metabolism. Under normal circumstances, drinking a certain amount of water will not only promote the excretion of urine but also maintain water balance in the body and relieve thirst.
However, when patients with chronic prostatitis feel that the more water they drink, the more thirsty they become. On the one hand, the symptoms of frequent urination reduce the amount of water in the body, and the patients will feel thirsty. At this time, patients can increase the amount of water intake. On the other hand, it may be that chronic prostatitis leads to the phenomenon of Yin deficiency and fire flourishing, which leads to the clinical symptoms of thirst. 
On this occasion, patients need to take heat removal and detoxification medicine to intervene. Patients can take the natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. Its effect of clearing heat and detoxifying the body is practical for patients in removing inflammation and Yin deficiency fire. At the same time, the patients should keep a healthier diet, eating less fried food and more food that can clean the heart and eliminate fire, such as tremella, lotus seeds, etc. Patients should also refrain from too much sex, which will cause a large depletion of Yin sperm and may aggravate the symptoms of Yin deficiency fire.
However, the thirst in chronic prostatitis may also be caused by other co-infections or diseases. For example, people with diabetes feel more thirsty when they drink more. This is because more glucose in the blood affects the body, and the increase in blood glucose will increase blood osmotic pressure, which will stimulate the thirst center and cause the feeling of thirst in patients. It may also lead to excessive urination, overeating, and weight loss. 
In addition, when the patient's electrolytes are out of balance, they will become thirstier after drinking more water. For them, the more water they drink, the more sodium the urine will bring. Thus, the less sodium they will have in their bodies, the thirstier they will feel.
Therefore, when chronic prostatitis patients find they are more thirsty after they increase their water intake, they should not panic or leave it alone. The right way is to consult the doctor in the hospital in time to do the relevant clinical examination. Then, they should listen to the doctor's advice and choose the appropriate medicine for treatment. Some symptoms of the body are generally signals of some problems in the body, and patients must not ignore them quickly to avoid serious consequences.
In addition, patients with chronic prostatitis should relax their minds. Since they have this disease, blindly worrying about it has no effect, which will only increase annoyance. Relax and go to the hospital if chronic prostatitis is a mental burden.
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