How Should Prostatitis Patients "Sit" to Avoid Harming The Prostate?

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For men with prostatitis, how to sit is important. Poor sitting posture can cause prostatitis to increase in men. So men must pay attention to adopting the proper sitting posture. Some minor changes in daily life may cause the disease to be relieved or disappear. Especially for male prostatitis patients can better protect the prostate by mastering some sitting techniques.

The dangers of being sedentary should be known to everyone, which is closely related to the location of the prostate. When a man sits down, he is attached to the stool. People usually say that a man "sits" on the prostate. After sitting for a long time, the metabolites in the body accumulate, and the blood circulation worsens, which can especially lead to chronic congestion of the perineum and the prostate. 
Besides, the glandular fluid excretion is not smooth, inducing prostatitis, leading to different degrees of frequent, urgent, and painful urination, endless urine, urinary tract infection, and other symptoms. This makes men more susceptible to prostate disease or aggravates symptoms of prostate discomfort. 
But the modern office environment has forced men to spend long hours sitting before their desks. Worse still, many men face overtime work and have to sit for more than a dozen hours. So men can change their sitting posture or pay attention to some sitting methods to reduce the damage to the prostate area.
Doctors recommend that prostatitis patients not be sedentary. Any type of sitting is likely to lead to prostatitis, so the most effective way is to avoid being sedentary. Men should stand up and move around after sitting for some time. However, what is the best way to sit when men have to sit down?
Prostatitis patients must ensure a proper sitting position to protect the prostate gland. Prostatitis patients can consciously move the center of gravity to the left or right hip when sitting, alternating the center of gravity towards the left or the right so that the pressure on the prostate can be directly reduced.
In addition, the usual way of sitting upright will cause the center of gravity to fall naturally on the position of the prostate. If men have been sitting upright for a long time, they will feel prostate pressure, especially in the perineum, mainly due to the urethral squeeze. 
Therefore, men must maintain a 90-degree angle between the body and the thigh when sitting to avoid excessive pressure on the prostate. Also, they should avoid sitting on soft sofas, seats, or recliners, which will make the buttocks hip deep and make the prostate area hot or produce stagnation. Therefore, sit properly on a hard bench.
To overcome this disease, patients should not use medication alone. Prolonged drug use will damage the body's immune system and lead to increased resistance, which may trigger the creation of superbugs. Therefore, it is recommended that patients take the natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, a pure herbal preparation that will not harm the body. Moreover, it is effective in the treatment of male urinary diseases, such as epididymitis, prostatitis, urinary tract infections, etc.
Prostatitis patients should also pay special attention to health care. Therefore, patients should drink more water and urinate regularly. Exercise more, and abstain from smoking, alcohol, and stimulating foods. Take warm sitz baths daily. Exercise and warm water sitz baths help activate the blood in the prostate area and improve the symptoms of prostatitis. The bicycle seat should not be too high or hard when the man rides a bike, avoiding the possibility of causing pressure on the prostate inflammation.
Moreover, men should maintain a moderate sex life. Usually, men can jog, swim, play badminton, tai chi, etc. These exercises can mainly reduce prostate congestion.
Any type of sitting can lead to pressure on the prostate, so try to avoid sitting for as long as possible. When men need to sit, keep the correct posture to avoid causing pressure inflammation. In short, men with prostate disease should start with the little things in their daily lives to protect the prostate well.
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