What To Do with Chronic Prostatitis Sitting Uncomfortable?

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Sitting discomfort is one of the typical manifestations of chronic prostatitis, and sitting for a long time is a common cause of prostatitis. After sitting for a long time, the perineum is compressed, causing the blood circulation of the prostate and surrounding tissues to become impaired. And the prostate is congested, which affects the metabolism of the prostate tissue and induces chronic non-bacterial prostatitis. Therefore, patients with chronic prostatitis who sit for a long time will experience discomforts such as soreness and dull pain in the perineum.

Sitting for a long time can slow down blood circulation, especially in the perineum, leading to chronic congestion in the perineum and prostate. But sitting at a regular time will not have any effect on the body. Due to work and some other reasons, long-term prolonged sitting for a long time will have a particular impact on the prostate. This is because the congestion of the perineal prostate can accumulate local metabolites, block the glands of the prostate and poorly excrete glandular fluid, leading to the occurrence of chronic prostatitis.
Therefore, men who need to sit for a long time at work, do not sit for a long time at work, take proper rest after work, and change the position in time, which can improve the local hyperemia of the prostate and reduce or avoid the occurrence of chronic prostatitis. 
If men have prostatitis, they must go to a regular hospital for scientific treatment and not delay the condition. Men can also receive medication, using herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to treat chronic prostatitis. The herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can promote blood circulation and blood stasis, relieve pain and swelling, dredge the blocked prostate gland tube, and eliminate the patients' pain. Be prepared for a protracted battle, insist on treatment, and strive to regain a healthy body.
Prostatitis is a relatively common disease that significantly impacts people's physical and mental health. Chronic prostatitis is a type of prostatitis. In clinical practice, patients and friends often have uncomfortable symptoms such as urgency and frequent urination. This disease can be avoided if we have good living habits.

How to prevent chronic prostatitis?
1. Avoid prolonged sitting and staying up late: 
Patients must not be sedentary for a long time, especially those who like to play cards or work for a long time. If men sit for a long time, men will have prostatitis. In addition, do not stay up late. Staying up late will reduce the resistance and cause inflammation recurrence.
2. Reasonable arrangements for sex life: 
Some patients will stop having sex after being sick. This statement is incorrect. Indulgence or abstinence is also detrimental to prostatitis. However, moderate sex life will promote the regression of the disease. Regular discharge of semen can alleviate the fullness of the prostate. It can also make the prostatic fluid continue to be discharged and renewed, and it can also help better recover from the disease.
3. Drink plenty of water and do not hold back urine too much: 
Everyone must keep the urinary tract smooth, which can also promote the discharge of prostate secretions.
4. Keep a healthy daily life: 
It is necessary to develop good living habits. Do not sit for a long time, avoid excessive fatigue, and prevent getting colds. Appropriate participation in outdoor exercises improves training and improves the blood circulation of the pelvic floor tissues and prostate tissues, which is conducive to the recovery of prostatitis and can effectively prevent prostatitis.
5. Take active treatment.
If it is an acute genitourinary infection, such as acute prostatitis, acute seminal vesiculitis, and other diseases, it should be actively treated to prevent it from turning into chronic prostatitis.
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