Is Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis Contagious?

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Prostatitis is a widespread male disease, and it can be divided into many different types. Chronic bacterial prostatitis is one of them. Is chronic bacterial prostatitis contagious?

Chronic bacterial prostatitis is contagious. 

Chronic bacterial prostatitis is mainly transmitted through the following aspects.
1. Upper respiratory tract infection: When an upper respiratory tract infection occurs, or bacteria such as oral gingivitis and pharyngeal tonsillitis enter the bloodstream due to deficiency, bacteremia is formed first, and the bacteria flow to the prostate and cause inflammation. 
If the bacteria number is small, the virulence is low, and the patient still can resist disease, the clinical symptoms are often not obvious. However, because the patient often lacks understanding, they mistakenly believe that a cold is delayed and treated incorrectly and eventually becomes chronic prostatic inflammation. Although the blood transmission route occurs less frequently, it does exist after all.
2. Upper urinary tract infections such as pyelonephritis, cystitis, etc., spread directly to the glands through the blood or urinary tract and causing inflammation.
3. Inflammation of the lower urinary tract, such as inflammation of the posterior urethra and bladder neck, can directly invade the glands. Contaminated urine sometimes refluxes into the prostate tubules communicating with the posterior urethra due to holding back urine, causing the glands infection.
4. Rectal inflammation. Anatomically, the rectal wall is almost close to the prostate, so chronic rectal inflammation can quickly spread directly or spread to the prostate through the lymphatic tract.
5. Seminal vesiculitis and epididymitis are adjacent to the prostate through the reproductive tract, so they often coexist with chronic prostatitis and affect each other.
6. Urinary tract injury with infection, extravasation of urine, inflammation of the perineum, excessive use of syrup, and prolonged hyperemia of the prostate can easily cause the prostate to be infected.
For patients with bacterial prostatitis, some safety measures should be taken in their sexual life. Failure to take safety measures in sex life may have a specific impact on sexual partners and may cause infections to sexual partners. However, bacterial prostatitis or chronic bacterial prostatitis does not mean that one cannot have sex. They can have sex if they take safety measures, but this kind of sex life must be appropriate and regular. Sexual life does not mean unrestrained.

Prevention and treatment of bacterial prostatitis:
1. Keep a regular diet, avoid irritating foods and peppers. Eat more fruits and vegetables to keep stool smooth.
2. Keep a regular daily life, control sexual life, avoid excessive sexual intercourse, and avoid extreme abstinence. Don't ride or sit for too long.
3. Strengthen exercise, often raise the anus, tighten the buttocks, tighten the perineal muscles and move the pelvis, which is good for improving the blood circulation of the perineum and promoting the dissipation of inflammation.
4. Reasonable choice of medication. Herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is made from more than 50 kinds of herbs, which will not cause drug resistance and side effects to the body. It can fundamentally eradicate chronic prostatitis and enhance the immunity of patients to prevent recurrences. Inflammation spread in the other parts caused by infection can also be cured, a wise choice for patients with chronic prostatitis. 
5. Choose dry and breathable underwear. Generally, male underwear has a double layer on the front, which wraps the penis and scrotum together. After a long time, high temperature and humidity become a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. Choosing breathable underwear can keep the crotch dry for a long time. It is a critical measure to prevent bacterial prostatitis, which is often overlooked.

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