8 Ways to Prevent Prostatitis in Summer

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According to incomplete statistics, the incidence of prostatitis in men over 30 years old can reach 26%, and summer is the season for prostatitis. Prostatitis is very harmful to men, so males must actively prevent it.


How should men prevent prostatitis in summer?

1. Reasonable sex life.

Prostatitis patients can have sexual life during disease. But be cautious about the regularity, and the frequency should not be too many. Regular sex life can promote the secretion and excretion of prostatic fluid and accelerate the elimination of inflammation. Before and after sex, be careful about perineum hygiene, avoid overwork, and abstain from masturbation. Men must have regular living habits, regular daily life, and proper exercise to enhance physical fitness.

2. Avoid tobacco and alcohol.

In hot summer, many men like to drink cold beer to cool down. Drinking a small amount of cold beer will not affect male health. But if drinking a lot of cold beer for a long time, it will cause male beer belly, endanger prostate health, leading to prostatitis, prostate hyperplasia and other diseases. Cigarettes are also very harmful to men, especially after drinking. Men must control the frequency of smoking and drinking.

3. Don't wear tight underwear.

Many men like to wear shorts in summer, with a pair of tight underwear inside to make their figure look better. But if the underwear is too tight, it will compress the prostate, and affect the testicles, causing a series of reproductive problems. Therefore, men should not wear tight underwear and shorts in summer.

4. Properly control the temperature.

For men who like to be cool, the indoor temperature should be properly controlled in summer. Always pay attention to indoor temperature changes and weather forecasts. Increase or decrease clothing appropriately according to the weather. Adjust the air conditioner to a suitable temperature for the human body. Do not think that the summer weather is hot, so there is no need to prevent prostatitis.


5. Develop good habits.

To exercise properly, increase the amount of outdoor activities in the morning and evening to improve blood circulation, improve immunity, and prevent prostatitis. At the same time, it is necessary to change bad habits, such as suppressing urination, drinking less water, addiction to tobacco and alcohol, and sitting for a long time.

6. Targeted diet.

Eat more foods rich in zinc, such as lean meat, legumes, peanuts, sesame seeds, etc. Men can also eat more whole grains, nuts, vegetable oils, fresh vegetables and fruits to supplement various antioxidants to enhances the anti-infection ability of the prostate.

7. Drinking adequate water.

In the hot summer, prostatitis patients need to drink plenty of water. Because the body is easy to sweat a lot in summer, the loss of body water usually affects health and is not good for the improvement of local inflammation.


8. Use medications correctly.

If men do not pay attention to the rational and correct medication at this time, and do not use drugs to control the local inflammation, it will usually lead to aggravation of prostatitis. Therefore, people who want to improve prostatitis need to find correct method when taking medicine.

The herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can get prostatitis well solved. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a purely herbal medicine that can help patients relieve pain, improve blood circulation, clear away heat and dampness, and enhance the body's immunity as well as self-repair capacity. Another advantage is that it won't lead to any side effects or drug resistance during the long-term treatment.

The above is an introduction about how to prevent prostatitis in summer. In addition to the above methods, diet and exercise can also effectively prevent prostatitis. Take active exercises can enhance the antiviral ability of the body and prostate. Keep healthy behaviors can help prevent prostatitis.

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