Can Chronic Prostatitis be Life-threatening Without Treatment For A Long Time?

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Chronic prostatitis is a clinical syndrome characterized by irritation of urination and pain in the bladder genital area. It is common in men with genitourinary inflammation. Typical symptoms include frequent urination, urgent urination, urethra burning, pain in the urethra, poor urination or dripping after urination, and pain in a wide area centered on prostatitis. 

If chronic prostatitis can be life-threatening if left untreated for a long time? 
Prostatitis is a radical disease, not a malignant disease, so life and health will not be threatened. But in general, patients with chronic prostatitis can have urgent urination, frequency of urination, pain in urination, and a sense of constant urination. Some severe patients can have insomnia, depression, and premature ejaculation, which will greatly impact the quality of life of patients. So patients need to go to the regular hospital urology or male department. 
For some patients, chronic prostatitis can be self-healing, but blindly waiting for self-healing consequences is equivalent to chronic suicide. Therefore, in the face of chronic prostatitis, patients should actively seek treatment. 
How should patients seek treatment for chronic prostatitis? 
1. Medication 

Chronic bacterial prostatitis is treated with oral antibiotics: Cephalosporins or Quinolones and symptomatic medications like Terrazole. Chronic non-bacterial prostatitis needs oral relief of symptoms, like Tamsulosin. 
People can consider herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to promote blood circulation and stasis, especially for chronic non-bacterial prostatitis. It can activate the human body, promote blood circulation, enhance human immunity, and not produce side effects. It can play a curative role in chronic non-bacterial prostatitis.
2. Physical therapy 

The hot water sitz bath, hot compress, moxibustion, and other physical therapy can relieve symptoms, and they will not make life and health threatened. 
3. Adjust your life 

First, Don't drink and smoke. Because alcohol and tobacco can stimulate blood circulation, leading to aseptic inflammation. In the diet, patients need to pay attention to as light as possible some fruits like tomatoes, which have the same effect on patients with chronic prostatitis. 
And do not eat spicy food, such as spring onion, ginger, garlic, chili, this kind of food with irritant eat as little as possible, or do not eat, at the same time do not drink strong tea, coffee, and other stimulating drinks. 
Second, avoid sitting for a long time. Men can do appropriate exercises like walking, jogging, doing broadcast gymnastics, and the abdominal, perineal area, and hip muscle movement. These exercises can promote the blood of the pelvic cavity and lymphatic circulation, which is advantageous to inflammation decline and absorption. 
Moreover, pay attention to the frequency of sexual life. Frequent sexual life can lead to repeated congestion of the prostate, and it is not conducive to the treatment of prostatitis. Abstinence can also lead to prostate catheter blockage and aggravate prostate inflammation, so have moderate sex.  
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