Four Diets To Help Patients With Chronic Prostatitis Feel Better

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Long-term repeated prostate congestion is one of the causes of chronic prostatitis. In bacterial prostatitis or aseptic prostatitis, the inflammatory prostate tissue will be widely congested anyway.
As you know, wine is a kind of drink that has blood vessel dilation effect. The "flush" phenomenon on the face is the result of alcohol dilating blood vessels. It also affects the male prostate gland.

Because some young people have long-term drinking, or even alcoholism, chronic prostatitis can not be easily cured. Even if it is cured, it is very easy to relapse.
In truth, spicy food, such as scallions, raw garlic, pepper, and other stimulating food, can cause blood vessel dilation and organic congestion. Bad dietary habits can be a main reason why you can not solve chronic prostatitis completely.
There are four diet options for you.
1. Stewed bean curd with loach.
500 grams of live loach and 250 grams of fresh bean curd. When cooking, the loach fish will be cut, then remove the gills and viscera, wash them into the stew cup, add in appropriate amount of salt, ginger, and water. Simmer gently until it is medium done. Then, add the bean curd, and cook them well.
2. Magnolia lean pork soup.
30 grams of fresh magnolia and 150 grams of lean pork. First, wash the lean pork, and put it into the water with magnolia. Cook the soup over medium heat, and season it with a little salt.
3. Astragalus membranaceus drink.
30 grams of astragalus membranaceus, 30 grams of lalang grass rhizome, 20 grams of cistanche, and 60 grams of  watermelon peel. First, cut the astragalus membranaceus and lalang grass rhizome into sections, and put them into the casserole with the cistanche and watermelon peel. Cook the soup over medium heat, and drink it two to three times a day.
4. Congee with codonopsis pilosula and astragalus berries.
30 grams of codonopsis pilosula, 30 grams of astragalus membranaceus, 10 grams of astragalus berries and 100 grams of rice. First, put the codonopsis pilosula and astragalus membranaceus into the casserole, meanwhile, put the astragalus berries and rice into another one. Wait until each one is half cooked, then mix them into porridge.

For the dietary conditioning of chronic prostatitis, whether it is bacterial or nonbacterial, patients should choose cooler and more refreshing foods. And they should abstain from tobacco, alcohol and acrimony.
More importantly, to better get rid of the chronic prostatitis, a timely treatment is also needed. For this sake, we sincerely recommend the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to you. This is a nicely natural remedy for patients with urogenital problems, especially the chronic genre. It is made from natural herbal ingredients so it won’t lead to any side effects or adverse reactions. So if needed, this herbal pill can help you pull through eventually.

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