How To Relieve Pain Caused By Prostatitis? Herbal Medicine Can Do You Good

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When suffering from prostatitis, male friends will experience distressful pain, mainly including a burning sensation occurring in the posterior urethra, perineal and anal pain, which can be radiated to lumbosacral area, groin, superior pubic area, penis, testicles, abdomen, etc.
Intense and persistent pain can cause a lot of annoyance, and prostatitis can also lead to other problems.
Physiological dysfunction, mainly sexual dysfunction. Patients with prostatitis may have decreased libido, ejaculation pain, increased number of spermatorrhea and so on. Individuals may have blood spermatozoon or make spermatozoon motility drop by reason of the occurrence of seminal duct inflammation, bringing about male sterility, which is also the symptom of prostatitis.
Mental problems. Because some patients lack correct understanding about prostatitis or the disease can not be cured for a long period of time, which makes them suffer from serious mental burden, leading to problems with depression, sadness, anger, helplessness, insomnia, anxiety, etc. Mental problems are also related to the long-term inflammation in the prostate gland, namely the chronic prostatitis.
Physical pain, physiological problems and mental burden are working on the male body, which can make the patient long for a suitable and effective treatment.
As for the treatment of prostatitis, you need to choose the right method according to the type of disease. Antibiotics are generally recommended for the treatment of short-term and sudden prostatitis, namely acute prostatitis.
You will need to conduct a culture test of the antibiotic under the guidance of your doctor, and select the appropriate antibiotic to sterilize according to your test results. The typical treatment lasts about seven to ten days. To ensure that the disease is completely eradicated, you will need to continue taking the drug orally for a period of time after that.
One of the most notorious criticisms of antibiotics is that they cause side effects and drug resistance. For the treatment of chronic prostatitis, antibiotics are often used, but the therapeutic effect is not ideal in many cases.
One herbal medicine that stands out in this context is the Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. This is a very suitable approach for patients with chronic prostatitis. Because it is formulated from natural herbs, and it will not cause side effects or drug resistance and will not cause harm to the patient's body.
Also, it has a strong bactericidal effect, which can effectively eliminate bacteria, improve male urinary system health, remove heat, eliminate blood stasis and other problems. For painful sensation caused by chronic prostatitis, it has obvious effect on relieving pain, so it can distinctly do you good, and you should try it.

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