Why Is It So Hard To Break Away From Chronic Prostatitis?

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Chronic prostatitis is a disease that makes many men painful. It is not about how many consequences the disease can lead to, let alone life-threatening dangers. But because of its long course, the treatment is always hard. Statistics show that about 50% of men will be affected by prostatitis in their lifetime.
Why is it so hard to break away from chronic prostatitis? The doctors conclude that the following aspects are the important reasons for the intractable disease.

1. Complex anatomical factors
The prostate is a part of the urethra. On the one hand, pathogenic microorganisms outside the urethra tend to pass through the anterior urethra and cause retrograde prostatic infection. On the other hand, urine in the bladder can also lead to regurgitation of prostatic gland, causing chemical inflammation and triggering bacterial infections.
Prostate gland tube is very small, while the prostatic fluid secretion is not smooth, which will easily cause blockage, thus inducing inflammation. The outer layer of the prostate gland has a dense surgical capsule, making it difficult for drugs to penetrate, let alone curing the disease.
2. Other pelvic diseases
Patients with chronic prostatitis are often accompanied by varicocele, hemorrhoids and other pelvic diseases. Long-term chronic congestion of the venous blood vessels also indirectly lead to congestion around the prostate, which is not conducive to the elimination of prostate inflammation. In this case, patients may be accompanied by inguinal pain, perineal distension and pain. Hence, the chronic prostatitis can also be called congestive prostatitis.
3. Being sedentary and socializing constantly
Male prostatitis is more common in middle-aged men, typically occurring at the peak of their careers at the age of 50. This part of men often have the habit of sitting for a long time. Even though some of them are not willing to be sedentary, but they are actually helpless due to the need of the job. Workers engaged in IT, clerks in the office and bus drivers are at higher risk of getting prostatitis.
Besides, today's society is an era of information exchange, and a lot of time is spent on socializing in the dinner and at wine table. Male friends can not avoid drinking alcohol and they always feel regretful after these activities. Drinking too much alcohol can easily stimulate prostate gland, thus trigger prostatitis.
4. Being too shy
Sometimes, the patient with chronic prostatitis is not good at all kinds of communication, who is easy to keep all discomfort and pain in the heart. Due to the prostatitis, they feel embarrassed to consult the doctor, resulting in the delay of the treatment.
Psychological stress and depression should also be noticed. The disease will not go away on its own, and it is difficult for patients to fight against prostatitis on their own. They need to consult scientific and professional advice, so it's important to keep an optimistic and relaxed attitude.
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