Why Does Your Prostatitis Get Worse During Treatment?

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When having prostatitis, many male friends will be deeply affected in daily life. They often have to stop the things they are doing due to the pain and discomfort caused by the disease. In order to go back to normal life, many patients choose to get treated in the hospital or take medicine at home. 
There are many ways to treat prostatitis, but it is difficult to completely get rid of it in many cases. Many patients often complain that they get worse during treatment. They always blame the medicine for not working well. But actually, there are some details related to themselves that cause the prostatitis to be stubborn and more serious than before.
1. After long-term treatment, if the symptoms of the patient have not been fundamentally improved, which may result in anxiety, doubt, disappointment and other negative emotions. They will become more and more sensitive to the effect of prostatitis treatment. So psychological burden can actually be looked on as a factor that aggravates the disease, which is always seen as a small mental trouble.
2. If your prostatitis gets worse when receiving treatment, it may be caused by bad habits, such as holding back urine, drinking alcohol, having unhealthy sexual intercourse and so on. Taking medicine is not the only thing for you, and you should also stay away from these bad living habits as far as possible. Keeping good habits can be conducive to your treatment. You should control your sexual life, eat healthier food, drink more warm water, do more sports and avoid being sedentary. 
3.Your treatment of prostatitis should be moderate and reasonable. For example, using antibiotics for too long or taking improper doses of antibiotics will do harm to the patient. If you do these for a long time, you'll be further and further away from recovery. So don't take medicine blindly. If you choose informal medicine to treat prostatitis for the sake of saving money, you will end up spending more money on more unnecessary diseases.
Choosing suitable medicine and keeping on taking it are the most important steps to cure prostatitis. In general, herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can help all patients with prostatitis, especially the chronic one. With its powerful anti-inflammatory effect, most patients can be well cured after several months. 
When you are not satisfied with the results of the treatment, you should reflect more on what you have done in the past few days. Have you eaten spicy food? Have you had too many sexual behaviors? Have you been too stressful? If you break the rules, you must correct them. As long as you actively receive proper treatment and keep yourself straight, you will get rid of prostatitis eventually.

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