What Is The Relationship Between Prostatitis And Orchitis?

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Both prostatitis and orchitis are common disease in men, which can cause serious damage to man's health over time. There is a complicated relationship between orchitis and prostatitis. If you have any one of them, you should get treated in time, to prevent aggravation and related diseases.
Physiologically, prostate gland and testicles are relatively important organs in male reproductive system. The main job of testicles is to produce sperm and testosterone, while the prostate gland mainly secretes semen. So they actually complement each other when working, which also means orchitis and prostatitis are usually concurrent. Your orchitis may be caused by prostatitits, and it will be relieved after the prostatitis is improved to some extent.

If you pay attention to your prostate health and do more efforts to prevent prostatitis, you won't have orchitis in most cases. But male friends should also know that the occurrence of orchitis may be related to some personal factors, such as physical injury in the testicles and the spread of epididymal infection.
Orchitis and prostatitis belong to the inflammatory diseases, which have an obvious relationship with virus and bacteria infection. As for the treatment, there are also some similarities, which usually include the general treatment and medication. Since the orchitis often follows the prostatitis, the treatment can be mainly focused on the prostate. Commonly, some antibiotics can help treat prostatitis in a short period.
If you are diagnosed with chronic prostatitis, antibiotics may be relatively useless, then you should try herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which has an incredible effect on reducing inflammation. It can effectively treat both prostatitis and orchitis after a long-time taking medication.
In general, adequate courses of treatment are important and necessary for patients with chronic prostatitis. In some cases, if the symptoms are slightly better after taking the pill, they will stop the current treatment at will, or replace the treatment plan with some cheap drugs without thinking twice.
Inadequate treatment cannot cure prostatitis thoroughly and may aggravate the disease as well as orchitis unconsciously. It must be understood that to better cure chronic prostatitis, the course of treatment generally lasts at least two to three months, and in some more serious cases, it may be even longer.
To better treat prostatitis and orchitis, there are also several helpful tips for you to keep health.
1. Don’t sit for too long or hold back urine too often, and ensure adequate sleep time.
2. Drink more warm water and fresh milk, and eat more fruits and vegetables.
3. Keep a moderate sexual life and always pay attention to personal hygiene.
4. Do more physical exercise outside and don't stay at home too much.

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