Is Tight Underpant Related To Prostatitis?

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Prostatitis is more and more common in today's society. Studies show that about 10% of men will have prostatitis at a certain age. In their forties or fifties, they are at high risk of getting the disease unknowingly. 
There are many causes related to prostatitis, some of which you don't even notice. In general, living habits are the major parts. For example, holding back urine and sitting too long can increase the risk of getting prostatitis. Then, is often wearing tight underpants related to prostatitis?
Tight underpants are not very breathable, which can cause increased temperature in private areas. Especially in hot weather, often wearing tight underpants can lead to a humid environment, which can be a good place for bacterial growth and reproduction. So if a man likes wearing tight underpants, his reproductive organs may be stimulated, leading to poor blood circulation in the pelvic cavity. This bad habit can unconsciously induce prostatitis. 
In addition to tight underpants, jeans can affect the male prostate gland. The kind of cloth is also usually tight, which is popular among young people. Even in summer, they are unwilling to change their jeans due to the pursuit of fashion. Therefore, due to dressing habits, young men may also be affected by prostatitis.
The most important thing in dressing is to feel comfortable, not to look good. So we always wear less in summer and wear more in winter. A suitable dressing habit for male friends at risk of getting prostatitis is wearing breathable clothes and changing them frequently. They should also pay attention to clothes washing.

Besides, you should know that sitting for too long can cause damage to the prostate gland and may lead to prostatitis. So don't be sedentary, especially when you are wearing tight clothes. Moving around and exercising can help you clear away heat and prevent bacteria invasion.
Details make a difference. So developing good living habits is always good for patients with prostatitis and male friends who need to prevent prostatitis. Aside from the things mentioned above, there are several things that should be kept in mind.
1. Develop a healthy diet. Don't be obsessive about spicy food, alcohol, and tobacco. Eating more fruits and vegetables can help them remove body heat and improve their immunity.
2. Drink more water. Your body always needs water, which can prompt blood circulation in the prostate gland. Always drinking more warm water daily can be a good way to prevent prostatitis. And notice you have to urinate in time after you drink much water. 
3. Pay attention to your hygiene. Your body, as well as your clothes, should be cleaned frequently. When it turns hot, the cleaning work should be done first.
With the right treatment, good living habits can help the patient get better soon. Usually, patients with prostatitis can take herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, to improve their prostate problems. Clinical practices have proved that the pill can treat chronic prostatitis better than Western medicine. Sticking to taking the pill can help the patient get rid of chronic prostatitis without any side effects.

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