Adjuvant Therapy For Prostatitis: Diet

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Dietary therapy is a unique treatment in TCM, which has a good effect on human body conditioning. Patients with prostatitis generally receive drug treatment, such as adhering to taking the Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill with broad-spectrum sterilization, which can effectively eliminate inflammation. 

If patients are assisted with diet therapy simultaneously,  it can enhance their physique, reduce the toxic and side effects of treatment drugs, so as to better cure the disease. Generally speaking, patients with prostatitis should eat light and avoid spicy foods, sweets and alcohol. Besides, they shouldn't overeat ginseng antler, stew, seafood and aphrodisiac drugs.
Fish, lean meat, vegetables and fruits are allowed. The food materials which can be used in the diet therapy include red bean, peach kernel, yam, tuckahoe, red jujube, buckwheat, towel gourd, plantain seed, aloe, hawthorn, lotus leaf, coix seed, lentil, black chicken and so on.
Common dietary therapies are as follows.
1. Red bean and crucian carp porridge
It is suitable for men who have urine inconvenience. A crucian carp and 50 grams of red beans are needed. Boil the fish first, then cook porridge with red beans. The prescription has an effect of reducing swelling. Especially in the humid and sultry season, long-term use of it can not only improve nutrition, but also dispel the excess water in the body, thus eliminating fatigue.
2. Sea cucumber porridge

50 grams of rice and 20 grams of sea cucumber are needed. Cut the soaked sea cucumber into small pieces, and add them into porridge with rice. Sea cucumber can reinforce the liver and kidney, which is suitable for men who have a kidney deficiency.
3. Towel gourd porridge
It is suitable for patients with the dampness-heat type of prostatitis syndrome, which manifests scanty dark urine, urethral burning and white drops, etc. A fresh towel gourd, 50 grams of rice and a little white sugar are needed. Cook the rice porridge first, then add in fresh towel gourd and sugar. It's believed that towel gourd has a cool taste, and can clear the heat and remove toxicity.
4. Yam porridge
Fifty grams of yam, 50 grams of rice and a little white sugar are needed, which are supposed to be cooked at the same time. It's believed that yam can strengthen the spleen, so long-term consumption of yam porridge can treat gonorrhea and nocturnal emission. 
5. Peach kernel and ink fish soup
Ten grams of peach kernel and one cuttlefish are needed. Wash the cuttlefish and remove the bone, then boil it with the peach kernel. It is suitable for patients with lower abdominal pain and white urethral drop.
6. Pig kidney and eucommia ulmoides

A pair of pig kidney or lamb kidney, 20 grams of eucommia ulmoides and seasonings like salt and onion are needed. Stew the kidney with eucommia ulmoides, then adds in some seasonings. Eucommia ulmoides can tonify the kidney, so the method is suitable for men who have a kidney deficiency.
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