How To Prevent Chronic Prostatitis Recurrence?

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Many patients with chronic prostatitis still have a relapse after treatment, which makes them miserable. In fact, the relapse of the disease is commonly related to nursing methods and chronic prostatitis pathology. So what should patients do to prevent its recurrence?

To completely get rid of prostatitis, patients have to pay attention to their living habits after receiving the professional and correct treatment. 
1. To abstain from spicy foods
Spicy foods can dilate blood vessels, which increase the permeability of them. In this case, the prostate gland, which is already inflamed, will be congested and swollen. It will compress and irritate the urethra and lead to dysuria, urination frequency and urgency, and other symptoms.
In addition, some patients may think that drinking beer with low alcohol content is allowed, but they don't realize that the consequence is equally serious after drinking beer like that for a long time.
2. Don't sit up too long or stay up late
Patients shouldn't be sedentary, especially for those who work in the office. Sitting up too long can easily cause perineal and pelvic congestion, which can bring about prostatitis recurrence. In addition, patients shouldn't stay up too late, which will reduce their resistance and cause inflammation recurrence.
3. Try to relax
Patients should have a correct understanding of chronic prostatitis, and don't believe those irresponsible publicity stunts. Don't be stressed if you are suffering from the disease. Too much stress may cause depression and affect your life, which is not worthy.
4. Control your sex life
Some people with chronic prostatitis stop having sex after they get sick, which is actually a mistake. Both acolasia and abstinence are going against the treatment of prostatitis. Moderate sex life doesn't aggravate the condition, and it can help to reduce the inflammation. Having a regular sex life can relieve the swelling sensation of the prostate, promote the constant renewal of prostatic fluid and contribute to the recovery of the prostate.
5. Drink more water and eat more foods that can relax bowels
The self-cleaning effect of urine on the urethra can not only help the excretion of prostate secretion but also help to prevent the occurrence of repeated infection. Therefore, patients should pay attention to water drinking and moderate urination. At the same time, they should keep a normal bowel movement, avoiding constipation.
Moreover, patients should avoid overworking, colds, holding back urine and riding a bike for too long. As for patients with chronic prostatitis, proper exercises strengthen the body's immune system and help to recover from it. Take physical exercises in their daily life is always encouraged. 
If prostatitis recurs, patients should take medicine as well. Adhering to take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which has a good effect on killing bacteria, can efficiently eliminate the inflammation, to ensure their health.
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