In Terms Of Semen Color, Is The Yellow Semen Normal?

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Healthy semen is important for men and affects their fertility. However, semen abnormalities are not easily detected. Only if they have specific symptoms, such as painful intercourse, will they go to the hospital to be checked. Many problems can be identified by observing the semen. For example, the color of semen contains some important information of human health, which is often overlooked.

The semen coming from ejaculation is milky or off-white, a bit sticky, and tastes like fish. Semen color can be affected by different spermiation cycles and age. Semen is made up of sperm and seminal plasma, of which sperm accounts for about 90% and is mainly composed of water, fructose, amino acids, proteolytic enzymes and other substances. Seminal plasma is mainly secreted by accessory glands such as prostate, seminal vesicle and bulbourethral gland.
Several colors of semen
1. Yellow semen
If semen turns yellow for a short time, it may be due to long-term abstinence. It causes a relatively long interval of sperm discharge, resulting in changes in sperm color. If you have ejaculation pain or urine pain at the same time, it may be caused by urinary system infection, such as prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis and so on. Bacteria can stimulate the sperm in the semen, causing it to become yellow.
2. Red semen
Red semen indicates that there is blood, which is called hematospermia. It means the semen appears a color related to red, such as pink, brown, brown and dark red, or the semen color is mixed with blood or blood clots. Hematospermia may be caused by urogenital tract inflammation, prostate cancer, ejaculatory duct obstruction, seminal vesicle stones and other diseases.
3. White or yellow-green semen
It may be caused by infection of the reproductive tract or accessory glands. It can also be caused by the presence of white blood cells in semen.
Is the yellow semen a disease?
It is a concern for men. The sperm can turn yellow due to the physical and chemical reactions of the components in semen. Moreover, the semen viscosity will be relatively high, limiting sperm mobility and affecting male fertility. If it is caused by seminal vesiculitis, prostatitis and other inflammations, patients can take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to effectively get their reproductive organs sterilized. Its anti-inflammatory ability ensures a healthy condition of the sperm.
What should you do to make your sperm healthier?
1. Improve your diet
Malnutrition causes deficiencies of protein, vitamins and trace elements and affects sperm production and its energy acquisition. Arginine is an essential component of sperm formation and is also the primary component of protein. So you should eat more foods rich in protein, such as milk, fish, eggs, lean meat and other materials conducive to fertility.
2. Get more physical exercise
Research shows that male obesity can raise the groin temperature, which affects the sperm growth and causes male infertility. So you should take exercise appropriately and control your weight as much as possible. Avoid wearing too-tight underwear and opt for something breathable in your daily life.
3. Get good living habits
It would be best if you have moderate drinking and smoking. Excessive smoking increases the content of thiocyanic acid in semen and inhibits sperm motility. Long-term excessive alcohol consumption can seriously affect the activity of three enzymes involved in the production of androgen so that the testis cannot normally produce androgen and sperm. Besides, regular rest is essential, and you should avoid staying up late. 
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