What Does Discolored Semen Mean?

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The appearance of semen is normally a whitish, cloudy fluid. It's usually quite thick just after ejaculation, but liquefies after about 20 to 30 minutes later. However, sometimes discolored semen is noticed. The changes in the appearance of semen can be a sign of an underlying medical condition that requires further evaluation. Here, let's see what discolored semen mean.

Yellow, green or golden semen: Prostate infection

Usually, the causes of yellow semen usually is natural and benign . Commonly, many doctors believe that yellow sperm is rarely indicate anything that permanently damages a man or his fertility. However, a prostate infection may be indicated by yellowish-green semen.

Infection is the most common cause for yellow, green and golden semen. Most doctors believe it is more likely to be the cause with younger men, and this is the first assumption of many men. The most common infection is prostatitis and epididymitis which is caused by prostatitis. Greenish tints, a foul odor, and pain in the genital area are other signs that suggest yellow semen results from infection.

Yellow- tinted semen: Urine in the semen

Before being ejaculated from the body, semen travels through the urethra, and the left urine in the urethra comes out with the sperm. This is very natural phenomenon, so this is a common occurrence among a lot of men. It does not require any action, though it happens not only once. If the yellow semen was caused by urine, the semen shows a very light tint of yellow instead of a darker shade of yellow.

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