Why Are There Crystals in My Semen?

Date:2019-10-06 click:0
Perhaps all of you know that this is a common sense that semen will become transparent immediately after it is discharged from the body, but some men may found there are some crystals in the ejaculated semen. What's the matter? Is sperm crystallization harmful to male fertility? 

Semen is mainly composed of sperm and prostatic fluid. The former is white and opaque, while the latter is transparent. When sperm meets prostatic fluid, it will melt. Normally, men's semen becomes a thin liquid after 10 to 20 minutes of ejaculation. If, after 30 minutes of ejaculation, semen still does not liquefy, or even crystals appear, then this is probably the symptom of non-liquefaction of semen.
Experts say that there are many reasons for the symptoms of crystallization in male semen, which are usually closely related to insufficient fibrinolytic enzymes secreted by the prostate due to male seminal vesiculitis and prostatitis. In addition, diseases such as varicocele can also cause testicular endocrine dysfunction, testosterone secretion is reduced, and the secretion of accessory gonads is reduced, resulting in crystals in semen.
What adverse effects will semen non-liquefaction bring on males? Semen non-liquefaction will affect sperm motility, and agglutinating sperm can be seen under a microscope in the non-liquefied semen. It is one of the main reasons for male infertility that sperm can not enter the uterine cavity of women, which reduces the probability of successful pregnancy. 

Medical studies have found that sperm motility and viability decrease in semen with high viscosity, and proteolytic enzymes in semen may also liquefy thick cervical mucus. Therefore, increased semen viscosity also affects the ability of sperm to penetrate cervical mucus, leading to infertility and affecting the work and life of male patients.
Experts said that in order to solve the problem of semen crystallization, it is necessary to detect the cause of non-liquefaction of semen accurately. It can be caused by sperm malformation, and the main cause of sperm malformation is urogenital diseases, such as urinary tract infection, varicocele, orchitis, and other possibilities, this situation is generally treatable. 
It may also be triggered by inadequate secretion of fibrinolytic enzymes due to seminal vesiculitis and prostatitis, resulting in factors secretion disorders, excessive coagulation factors, or too little liquefaction factors. Patients can effectively eliminate the inflammation caused by sperm liquefaction by Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. 

Under the effect of traditional Chinese herbal medicine, the focus can be eliminated from the root. Patients can take it for a long time without side effects, and there will be no drug resistance. But if the rate of sperm abnormality is too high, it may be caused by chromosomes, which can not be cured.