How to Get Rid of Scrotal Itching?

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Scrotal itching is a problem that many men have. Scrotal itching has a significant impact on men's health, so it should be dealt with in time. If itching is caused by disease factors, we should actively treat the primary disease. So how should male scrotal itching be treated? 

Causes of scrotal itching in men:
Moist scrotum and pruritus refer to the abnormal sensation of sweating, dampness or cooling without any change on the skin surface of the scrotum. Men's scrotum has a certain relaxation function. There are a lot of sweat glands in their skin, which can regulate the local temperature. If the sweat secreted by the scrotum can not be distributed in time, the local temperature will continue to rise, and the sweat secretion will increase, which will lead to the symptoms of scrotal itching.
Local dampness is a significant cause of scrotal itching in men. The scrotum itself has glandular secretion, if there is a lot of sweating, and you wear tight, chemical fiber material underwear, sweat absorption is not good, and ventilation is not ventilated, it is easy to cause scrotal itching. 
Having sex with women with candidal vaginitis can also cause scrotal itching when male genitals are stimulated by inflammatory secretions. In addition, mental stress, irritation of spicy food, friction, static electricity, and residual detergent on underwear can also induce scrotal itching.

Scrotal itching is also one of the clinical manifestations of chronic prostatitis. Because the prostate is close to the seminal vesicle and vas deferens, once they are infected, pathogenic bacteria will slowly descend along the vas deferens to the scrotum, which will destroy the nerve regulation function and lead to its disorder. 
Once the nerve regulation function is disturbed, the physiological function of sweat glands will be affected, which will lead to the imbalance of sweat secretion and volatilization, and eventually lead to scrotal itching.
Treatment of scrotal itching in men: 
(1) If scrotal itching occurs in diabetic patients, the condition of diabetes should be controlled first and then treat the symptoms simultaneously.
(2) If tinea cruris causes itching, and the key is to cure the cause.
(3) If there is a lot of sweating in the private parts in those who need to work for a long time(especially those with obesity), they need to maintain local ventilation and dryness in order to have a good curative effect.

(4) Underwear made of chemical or woolen fabrics, especially those close to the scrotum should be replaced with broad, ventilated underwear made of pure cotton fabric, in order to maintain local dryness.
(5) Other diseases, including itching caused by sexually transmitted diseases, should also be treated according to the etiology.
Scrotal itching patients should avoid mental tension and maintain a regular lifestyle, and minimize the stimulation to the scrotum. Drug therapy also has certain effects, such as oral antihistamines under the guidance of doctors, topical moderate-effect, weak-effect glucocorticoid cream, and so on. Although glucocorticoid cream has a definite therapeutic effect, it should not be used for too long or too much.
In addition, some traditional Chinese medicine therapy, physical therapy, and so on also have certain effects. For example, patients with scrotal itching caused by prostatitis can take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can effectively remove inflammation from the root, thus effectively improving the discomfort symptoms of patients. 

Scrotal itching is not a sexually transmitted disease in general, but if you suffer from pubic lice disease, tinea cruris, etc., it may lead to infection of your spouse due to the spread of pathogens. Of course, this does not mean that scrotal itching itself can be transmitted to others.

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