Does Prostatitis Cause Brown Ejaculation?

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In modern society, with the quickening pace of life, the males'mental pressure decreased their immunity, and the bacteria which cause prostatitis are easily penetrated. Intense pace of life and life pressure makes many white-collar workers always in nervous or anxious state, and this is a predisposing factor that causes prostatitis. 

Prostate, especially prostate fluid, it is part of the semen liquid. When the prostate inflammation is not serious, the prostate fluid appearance has no obvious change, but serious inflammation shows different degrees of pus or purulent blood, prostate fluid pus thick, brown, yellow, cloudy or flocculent.

As for the prostate cancer, prostate fluid often shows different degrees of bloody. Mild prostatitis microscopic examination shows leukocytosis. So the prostatitis can cause the color of the ejaculation liquid change into brown, yellow or dark red. 
Fresh semen is thick jelly, and it turns into a thin liquid in half an hour. We can insert a small glass rod in the semen, and then lift the rod up, if the length of semen lines is no more than 2cm, we can judge it is normal, otherwise it is regarded as abnormal. Normal semen is gray, after self liquefaction, it is translucent milky white, if there is no ejaculation for a long time, it can be slightly pale yellow.

People who have prostatitis had better abstinence 5-7 days, and then go to the hospital to do a semen analysis and prostate liquid conventional inspection, and according to the inspection results to do the prescribed treatment. Try Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, it may make you a surprise. 
Along with the gradual increasing living pressure, prostatitis has become the male common diseases of the reproductive system. May be there are no symptoms, and may be the symptoms are significantly different, and there is a large difference in symptom response. For the ordinary people, it is hard to discover the prostatitis, the brown ejaculate is one of the major symptoms to judge, and it is so easy that everyone can handle. 
Saying about the illness, the best and cleverest method is nipping it in the bud. In our daily life, do not drink too much wine or eat spicy food, and do not sit long, or the prostatitis will be serious, and Brown Ejaculation will come out again.

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