Is Nitrofurantoin a Good Choice for Treating Prostatitis?

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According to the fourth year-period Australian drug adverse reaction bulletin, so far, the Australian adverse drug reaction Committee (ADRAC) has received suspicious pulmonary adverse reaction report of 576 cases of nitrofurantoin. Among them, 40 patients are because of the long term having nitrofurantoin.

The most common symptom is difficulty breathing or coughing, and some people have allergic reactions such as fever, itching, rash or eosinophilia. By chest X-ray, CT scan, biopsy or autopsy confirmation, pulmonary fibrosis or interstitial pneumonia can be found. Therefore, nitrofurantoin for prostatitis treatment is not a good choice.

This phenomenon is not surprising. Nitrofurantoin has broad-spectrum antibacterial function, it can be used to prevent staphylococcus aureus, enterococcus, escherichia coli, neisseria gonococcus, bacillus subtilis, shigella, typhoid bacillus bacteria caused by infection, and it can be also used in the prevention of urinary tract infection. The normal metabolic mechanism can disturb the bacteria’s oxidoreductase and block bacteria’s normal metabolism.

Although that, with the development of medical technology and clinical research, people found its side effect is subsequently exposed. Because the property of the nitrofurantoin is too strong, taking nitrofurantoin for prostatitis treatment has the danger that when take hemolytic drugs and nitrofurantoin together. The hemolysis reaction may be increased; and if combined with hepatotoxic drugs, hepatotoxicity may be increased; and if combined with neurotoxic drugs, toxicity may increased. 
Experiments show that both probenecid and sulfinpyrazone can inhibit nitrofurantoin renal tubular secretion, and can result in the effect of prostatitis treatment weakened, and have to adjust the probenecid dose. Therefore, nitrofurantoin is not a suitable choice for prostatitis treatment.

To solve this problem, the herbalist Dr. Li Xiaoping researched out a specific medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It is applicable for a wider community. What's more important is that it almost has no side effects, so it is the crystallization of medical science and technology.
Choosing the right and suitable medicine is very important for the patients, it can decrease the painful and dangerous of the patients and help them recover soon. Nitrofurantoin for prostatitis is very dangerous, for there is no specific antidote for excessive taking.

The measure the doctor can take is only further inducing vomiting, and give a large amount of fluid. To ensure that drug can excrete in urine or do dialysis clearance. Please believe the medical science, diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill is the best choice for prostatitis treatment.

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