Chronic prostatitis for four years has been cured

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A medical record of a patient who suffered from chronic prostatitis for four years

Name: XuPengFei 
Gender: male 
Age: 40 years old 
Treatment Time: 2011.8.3
Chief complaint: recurred urinary frequency and urgency, perineal pain
Medical history:
The patient suffered from urinary frequency and urgency, perineal pain four years ago. The local hospital disgnosed that he had Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis, prescribed antibiotics(The dosage and course of treatment are unknown). Then symptoms got better. But during the last four years, the symptoms of urinary frequency and urgency came back. In the recent month, he felt that the symptoms got worse. So he came to our clinic and took treatment.
Accessory examination: none
Diagnosis: Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis
TCM prescription: Take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for three courses
The process of treatment:
After taking Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for two months, the symptoms of urinary frequency and pain got alleviated. The pain in perineum reduced. Only the left thigh had mild radiation pain. The symptoms got improved.
The urinary frequency and pain gone. No perineal pain. The lower abdomen has mild pain. By the local hospital check prostate normal routine. The routine test of prostate reported normal. Symptoms disappeared, prostate tested normal, these indicates that the chronic prostatitis was basically healed. 
No urinary frequency, urgency and pain. No perineal pain. No pain in lower abdomen. All symptoms went away. The chronic prostatitis was completely cured. He said that he never imagined that he can be cured!