Prevent prostatitis by taking a walk

Date:2018-12-02 click:0

According to the view of Physiology, blood circulation can be slowed down by long time sitting, especially the blood circulation of perineum area. Although the sluggish blood circulation can bring congestion to prostate and the perineum, prostatitis commonly occurs on one who has long time sitting.

If one needs to sit frequently and for a long time, due to work or some other reasons, he may have prostatitis, because the prostatic congestion caused by long time sitting can bring blockage to prostate tubes after bringing accumulated metabolite on prostate. Therefore, prostatitis can be generated if extra prostatic fluid cannot flush out.
Among all prostatitis victims, over 60%, reported by some researches done by medical researchers, prostatitis sufferers are driver and their prostatitis is hard to be uprooted. People who need to sit for a long time is better to take a short walk every hour, for walk can promote the sluggish blood circulation and release the congestion. Furthermore, the improved blood circulation can also enhance the prostatic fluid metabolism. Therefore, it is better for men to take exercise 3 to 4 times a week for around 30 minutes.
In addition to take a walk, is there any other ways can help improving the prostate blood circulation? Actually, Sitz bath is also a good choice. However, since the sperm quality can be affected by high temperature, this method only is suitable for men who with no fertility requirement.
If you already are a patient of prostatitis, timely and proper treatment is the prime. For those who are hypersensitivity or resistance to antibiotics, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is an agreeable alternative treatment, for this herbal pill has strong power to promote blood circulation. What’s more, this herbal pill can also improve Qi, clear away toxic materials, dissipate hard lumps, dissolve stasis and release pain. Therefore, as long as patients can follow the diet that doctor asked, the cure rate can be 90% high. 
All in all, prostatitis isn’t a horrible disease. It can be prevented by frequent walk and also can be cured by antibiotic therapy or herbal therapy.