Can Prostatitis Be Contagious during Sex?

Date:2018-12-04 click:0

Many patients do not know much about prostatitis, so some of them are too anxious about sex considering transmitting inflammation to their partners. As a result, abstinence for a long time even causes sexual disorder. Also, some patients' wives refuse to have sex with them because of the fear of being infected, which eventually not only affects the feelings of husbands and their wives, but also harms the treatment of patients. Quite a lot of prostatitis patients inquire that if prostatitis can be infectious? To answer this question, I'll illustrate it from the following two aspects.


First of all, we must first clearly define which kind of prostatitis you are suffering from. Pathogenic bacteria can not be found out in a vast majority of clinical chronic prostatitis. That's to say, this kind of prostatitis belongs to the nonbacterial prostatitis. This type of chronic inflammation will not be transmitted to the woman. Even if bacterial infection is found, if that belongs to the nonspecific bacterial prostatitis, don't worry your wife will be infected because woman vagina has the stronger ability to resist the bacterial infection.


In the other case, a few clinical chronic prostatitis is caused by trichomonad or mould, or by neisseria gonorrhoeae, mycoplasma, or chlamydia, which is namely referred to clinical specificity prostatitis. For these factors of infection, they are contagious to some degree in the early stages of the disease, so during sex women could be infected, resulting in specificity inflammation of the vagina.


Nowadays in our lives, the prevalence of prostatitis due to the latter factors is on the increase, therefore, for chronic prostatitis caused by these factors, sex should be avoided in the early treatment. For patients of this type of prostatitis, what may delight you is that diuretic and anti-inflammatory pills, which are developed by doctor Li Xiaoping in Wuhan through 30-year devotion, have ideal effects on prostatitis. For most patients, after a general treatment of a month or so, pathogens will be cleared out, and many will turn negative.


During the treatment with diuretic and anti-inflammatory pills, remember to drink more water and try to live a regular life, but do not sit for a long time, eat spicy food, smoke or drink alcohol.