Too much spermatorrhea? It might be caused by inflammation

Date:2018-12-04 click:0
Boys, do you have such experience like having wet underwear after waking up in the morning? If you do and it isn't a bed-wetting, it must be spermatorrhea which is common for puberty boys. 
Actually, this is natural for boys and they will get used to this with the time passing by. However, do boys know that too much spermatorrhea means they are sick and there might are inflammation on their genitals? Now, Dr. Lee, the chief doctor of Wuhan Dr. Lee's TCM clinic, will answer this question for us.
In China, there is an old saying that "semen spill out when full of."thus, spermatorrhea is an erection without any sexual intercourse. This also can happen after reading sexual video, wearing tight underwear and having masturbation.
Although we all know that spermatorrhea is a common phenomenon for boys and there is no need to worry about it too much, too much spermatorrhea for grown men is abnormal and should be valued by them, because proper spermatorrhea not only won't bring harms to body, but also is good for health, and the concentration of semen can be attenuated and no stone will be formed. For men, more than 4 times spermatorrhea in one month is abnormal and timely treatment is required. 
In addition to personal reasons, frequent spermatorrhea also can be caused by inflammation on genitals including prostatitis, balanitis, spermatocystitis, orchitis, urethritis, and epididymitis, because it is easy for penis to ejaculate with the stimulation of inflammation.
To far away from frequent spermatorrhea and those diseases, not only good dietary program should be followed, but also need timely and proper treatment. Men can take antibiotic, surgery or herbal pill - Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. Every treatment has its advantages and disadvantages, so the best treatment is the one most suitable for their conditions.
PS: antibiotics are suitable for bacterial type diseases, surgery is suitable for severe type that cannot be cured by pill. It is the last choice. And Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is suitable for chronic bacterial type and those who cares about side-effect too much.