What Sports Are Suitable For Patients With Prostatitis?

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Prostatitis is a common prostate disease in men. The appearance of prostatitis will affect the life and work of patients to a certain extent. For patients with prostatitis, experts suggest that they should receive timely treatment and pay attention to daily care at the same time.
In general, patients can take herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to treat prostatitis, which has a great effect on eliminating bacteria and relieve pain. As for daily care, doing sports can be a good method for patients. So what sports are suitable for them?

Experts suggest that patients can consider walking, jogging, tennis and swimming. These sports are not intense and do no harm to the prostate gland. Therefore, they can be used for prostatitis recovery. What's more, reasonable and healthy sports can not only contribute to the treatment of the disease, but also can improve the patient's own immunity.
1. Walking
Walking is simple and convenient for patients. Because of the smaller vertical motion when walking, the effects of bounce and massage are significantly reduced. So walking is good for prostate care, but not as good as jogging.
2. Jogging

Jogging improves blood circulation and lymph flow in areas related to prostatitis. Male patients should adhere to jogging for half an hour in the morning or evening, which will be helpful for the rehabilitation of prostatitis.
3. Tennis
Playing tennis is good for body movement. It can be a popular option among young people with prostatitis, but it is not suggested that old men play tennis too often, to avoid strain injury.
4. Swimming

Basically, it is a sport involving the whole body. Often swimming can exercise pelvic floor muscle and enhance the bouncing effect in the prostate gland, which can help prevent prostatitis.
Sports can make people fully engaged and help relieve mental tension, anxiety, stress and so on. In daily life, mental stress is also a burden on patients with chronic prostatitis. To relieve tension, anxiety and other negative emotions of patients is of great benefit.
Physical exercise can also eliminate the symptoms of chronic prostatitis, such as soreness of loins, lower abdominal pain and neurasthenia. But don't exercise too hard. Experts remind, if doing excessive exercise, it will result in physical exhaustion, which may be not good for the patient and recovery of the disease.
After doing sports, you should drink more water. Because urine condenses as sweat is lost, which will lead to an increased burden on the prostate and may aggravate prostatitis. By drinking more water and urinating in time, you can help solve the problem and also get rid of more toxins. And taking a regular shower and changing clean clothes are also necessary to prevent bacteria infection.

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