Getting Boozed Up Leads To Prostatitis Easily

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Drinking is something that many men do. A lot of people before drinking will say the alcohol drinking should be moderate, but they always end in getting boozed up. If a man often gets drunk, its harm is very big and irrepealable. One of the harm is prostatitis, which is a common disease in men.
Why does drinking alcohol cause prostatitis?

Alcohol, can be regarded as a drink for men in daily life. Many people like to drink, especially when they need to relieve stress. That's why you drown your sorrows in wine.
But the harm of alcohol is very big, as you know, it will be easy to harm the body health of men. When you drink, once the alcohol enters the body, it will stimulate the prostate gland and make it congested, which will make the distended prostate squeeze the urethra, making the bacteria in the urine infect the prostate and then lead to prostatitis.
So in ordinary times, men need to drink less alcohol. And they also notice other similar bad habits that can lead to prostatitis, such as smoking, eating spicy food, sitting for too long, holding urine for too long, having excessive sexual life and so on. All of these bad habits can make the prostate gland  abnormally congested.
On the other hand, you should try to do more exercise in ordinary times and pay attention to personal hygiene. More importantly, your daily diet is a key factor for your body improvement. There are two options for you.
1. Tomato and corn juice
Ingredients: Tomato, corn, sugar, water.
Practice: Strip the corn of peel and then wash it, then put it into the pot and simmer it until the corn is cooked, then scoop it out and let it sit for half an hour, then peel it into little pieces. Slice the tomatoes. Put all the ingredients into the juicer, add the right amount of water and sugar, and then squeeze them into juice and drink.

2. Onion rings
Ingredients: Onion, egg, fried powder.
Practice: Wash the onion and slice it. Put the slices into a bowl, add the seasoning and stir. In another bowl, add the fried powder and the eggs, and stir evenly. Pour the hot oil into the pan, wrap the onion rings in the fried powder and fry them until they are cooked.
Healthy diet can help you improve the prostate health. But if you are bothered by prostatitis for a long period of time, you should get treated timely. Commonly, the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can help you solve prostatitis, especially the chronic prostatitis. It works on the whole urogenital system and won’t lead to any side effects. It is more a tonic than a medicine, so it surely do you good at any rate.

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