Wuhan Dr.Lee replies to questions about Prostatitis Treatment

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Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is the medicine for prostatitis treatment, which is developed by Wuhan Dr. Li of TCM have healed countless prostatitis patients. Here Dr. Li provides answers to the patients’ most concerned questions about treatment as follows:
Question 1. What are the symptoms of prostatits?

Lower abdominal pain, testicle pain, burning or painful urination, inguinodynia, pain in the lower back and perineum area, anus fall, acratia, hypogonadism, urgent and frequent urinate, urinate endless and hesitancy, uroclepsia, bifurcation of urination, weak stream of urine, blood urine, hemospermia, white drops in urine. 
Question 2.  What are the causes of prostatits?

Congestion of prostate caused by various reasons is the major pathogenic factor:
1. Unclean sexual life; excessive sexual life or masturbation.
2. Sit or stand for too long, pressure on perineum that make congestion of prostate or congestion at certain region, result in nonbacterial prostatitis. 
3. In TCM theory, unhealthy living habits of alcohol abuse, oily food greediness tend to create obstruction of heat and dampness in pelvic cavity, cause Qi and blood blockage at prostate. 
4. Various microorganisms, such as bacteria, protozoan, fungus and virus could be source of infection of prostatitis. They probably form gonococcus, non-gonococcus, etc. Mycoplasma infection is the major cause of chronic prostatitis. 
5. Psychological factors: chronic non-gonococcus prostatitis patients sometimes overstress in the feelings of anxiety, depression, fear and gloom, which lead to prostatitis. Psychological factors also affect treatment effect. 
Questions 3. Why does tonic cannot cure impotence and prospermia caused by prostatitis, but make it worse? 


The major reason of prostatitis is the obstruction of heat and dampness in pelvic cavity. Because the heat and dampness are not removed, the body is too weak to nourish. Thus, tonic makes the illness worse. Do not use tonic randomly, especially before the prostatitis heals. 
Question 4. Why prostatitis is hard to heal? How to treat it by drugs?

Generic medicines are difficult to permeate the solid fat layer at surface of prostate; while the conventional physical heat treatment cannot cure disease completely and has side effect after repeated treats. As the largest male sexual accessory gland, prostate plays a very important role in man’s physiological function.

Therefore, indiscriminate treatment on prostatitis is forbidden, or the loss will outweigh the gain. Major cause of prostatitis is the obstruction of heat and dampness in pelvic cavity. It is impossible to heal the disease completely before clearing away the heat and dampness, removing the silted toxic materials. Dr. Li of TCM follows the philosophy “Dissipate hard lumps, promote blood circulation and dissolve stasis, clear away heat and toxic material, to destroy bacteria and diminish inflammation.”

Based on this theory, a pure Chinese medicine oral liquid is successfully developed. With help of guiding herbs, this herbal medicine can penetrate into bladder-kidney meridian and functions on the prostate, effectively promoting blood circulation and dissolving stasis to remove toxic materials in glandular tube, eliminating dampness and heat and discharging toxin from body. Clearing away the heat and toxic materials helps to cure the disease completely.

Clinical verification has approved the superb effects with none toxic side effect. This prescription is prominent for the long-term effect. The efficacy lasts for a long period even after stopping using medicine. 

Question 5. About the “Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill” that invented by Dr. Li Xiaoping of TCM, What kinds of illness can it treat? 
Answer: It treats ureaplasma urealyticums (UU) infectious prostatitis, orchitis, epididymitis, vesiculitis, male infertility, cystitis, etc. The traditional Chinese medicine “Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill” possesses a quality of clearing away heat and toxic material, UU turns negative in three months; it promotes blood and Qi circulation, induces diuresis for treating strangurtia, prevents hyperplasia and fibrosis, eliminates pathological changes and modifies symptoms. After three to four months’ treatment, prostate and semen routine test results turn normal. 
Question 6. How to treat symptoms of testicle pain, burning or painful urination, pain in the perineum area? 

Clear makes you free, blockage makes you pain. In traditional Chinese medicine theory, pain means obstruction, testicle pain is caused by orchitis. Patient is advised to take “Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill”. Testicle pain, burning or painful urination decrease in one month and eliminate in three months, all test results return normal. 
Question 7. Does the unique prescription take effect quickly? 

Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is invented based on 30 years’ clinical research by Wuhan Li Xiaoping Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic. It possesses miraculous effect to heal gonorrhoea, UU, mycoplasma hominis, CT and various bacteria, virus, pathogen infectious prostatitis, vesiculitis, orchitis, epididymitis, male infertility, etc.

It dissipates hard lumps, promotes blood circulation and dissolves stasis, clears away heat and toxic material, eliminates bacteria, diminishes inflammation, reduces swelling and alleviates pain. Patients only needs to watch the diet and keep receiving treatment for three months, they would find UU, mycoplasma hominis, CT turn negative, varied kinds of bacteria, pathogen diminished, and prostate routine test results return normal; after four-month treatment, semen routine test results return normal. 
Question 8. Why painful ejaculation and blood in semen happen? How to treat? 

The ejaculatory duct of seminal vesicule penetrates prostate and opens at verumontanum. Verumontanum controls ejaculation like a switch, and colliculitis could result in painful ejaculation. The symptom of blood in semen, which we call hemosperimia, is identified as vesiculitis. “Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill” is advised for treatment. In one to four months, painful ejaculation and verumontanum could heal. 
Question 9. Does the Chinese oral medicine cure prostatic hypertrophy and minify the hyperplastic gland without surgery? 

Ssurgery is the conventional way to treat prostatic hypertrophy. However, surgical removal of prostate easily results in frequent urination and uroclepsia because prostate plays an important role in controlling urination. Besides, surgery does not cure the disease completely; prostatic hypertrophy recurs afterwards.

It is verified by the clinical trials that the Chinese medicine “Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill” from Li Xiaoping of TCM functions in minifying hyperplastic gland and eliminates clinical symptoms.

By taking this medicine, patient could get rid of disease without hurting vital Qi or suffering surgery pain. None side effect bothers patient from the pure Chinese medicine; symptoms do not recur after stopping taking medicine; any possible operation sequela is avoided. This medicine is a much more agreeable choice for patients. 
Question 10. Does the medicine cure acute urinary retention and urinary obstruction?


Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can cure urinary obstruction. It possesses the efficacy of moving the bowels and promoting urination without taking surgery. Thus, patients could release from the suffering of long period urinary catheter and fistula caused by punctio vesicae. 
Question 11. How to treat frequent urination caused by low temperature and frequent urination at night?

Traditional Chinese medicine explains that frequent urination is caused by obstruction of heat and dampness in pelvic cavity, dysfunction of Qi in transformation in bladder. Cold intolerance is actually a heat syndrome with pseudo-cold symptom. If the patients have the symptoms of coated and yellow tongue, and deep-colored urine, it is identified as damp-heat syndrome.

Because of obstruction of heat and dampness in pelvic cavity, and Qi and blood circulation blockage, some patients suffer from pseudo-cold symptom. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill possesses efficacy of promoting blood circulation and dissolving stasis, which helps to cure and eliminate cold intolerance.