Prostate disease prevention and the basic necessities

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As people's life can do nothing without basic necessities forever, prostate disease prevention also can not leave the protection of the basic necessities. And in order to prevent the prostate disease prevention in a better level, draw a line of prostate disease and itself, the better way to prevent prostate disease must be needed. Thereupon, professor Lee, works in Johnson Urology Hospital of Wuhan, gives us some notes which closely related to our lives before the lachrymal gland disease prevention in prostate disease prevention and care’s regard. Only pay more attention in life can do better for the prostate disease prevention.

Prostate disease prevention – clothing
Prostate disease patient should pay attention to the dressing, avoiding the lower body oppressed because of the dressing habit as much as possible. Belt too tight will also harm men's health. The warmth is particularly important for the prostate especially in winter, however, usually some fashion knowledge and White-collar dress less to keep the image of beauty and other reasons in winter, which lost the warmth of the prostate. This is very Likely to cause prostate disease or prostate disease increase, while keep warm can make the prostate and the subtlety of the cavity pressure drop, make the muscle relaxation smooth and reduce outlet resistance, making smooth urination. So man should also pay attention to the prevention of prostate disease in the dress.
Prostate disease prevention – diet
The food also can play a significant role on the prevention and treatment of prostate disease, because trace elements Zinc can increase the anti-inflammatory effects of prostate, which should be intake more. Seafood、lean meat、coarse grains、legumes、white seeds、peanuts、pumpkin seeds and so on contain large amounts of zinc. Antioxidants can maintain prostate healthy. So more coarse grains、nuts、vegetable oil、fresh vegetables and fruit should appear on men’s table to complement the various types of antioxidants.
Prostate disease prevention – Live
Because without good sleep causes bad state of mind to face the new day of life, psychological factors are very important for the ttreatment of prostate disease. Drinking more water is helpful for prostate, drinking water reduced will lead to the urine concentrated, frequency of urination decreased, which has adverse effects for prostate and other organs (kidney, bladder, etc.). So drinking more water is very necessary. Most people drink two liters or more water or tea everyday can flush the urethra through the urination, promote the discharge of prostatic secretions, and thus achieve the purpose of the prevention of prostate infection. Even the frequency of prostate disease patient also needs more water. But frequently urinate which caused by drinking too much water will affect the normal sleep leading to poor state of mind. Reducing the amount of water before going to sleep, putting drinking water on the day to avoid night to urinate frequently after sleep, which affects rest.
Prostate disease prevention - transportation tool
For prostate disease, the trip is a very important thing, in nowadays, cyclists still account for a large proportion, a lot of people cycling to and from the company several times a day. But ride too long will affect prostate health, which will lead to prostate disease or prostate disease increased, professor Lee advice men ride as little as possible and try to walk, more exercise can help them to avoid prostate problems better.
The incidence of prostate disease closely related to our Live, the patients as long as can find the primary clinical suspicion of prostate in life. From the start of various causes of prostate disease, prevent the prostate disease actively. That can get good results on prevention in the prostate; minimize the incidence of prostate disease. Professor Lee points out, the patients prevent the prostate, they also should pay more attention and master the knowledge of prostate disease at the same time, if they find the disease, and they should rush to hospital for regular professional treatment to avoid more pain to them.