Is Chronic Prostatitis Incurable?

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Although the treatment of chronic prostatitis is complex, it can be cured through comprehensive treatment and conditioning. In clinical practice, it is believed that the patient should remove the cause and use integrated herbal and chemical medicine to treat chronic prostatitis. In daily life, patients should avoid dirty sex, pay attention to personal hygiene, and maintain a good mental state, all supplemental measures to treat chronic prostatitis.
Many men do not care about their living habits. They always sit or stand for a long time, smoking and drinking, etc., which causes the prostate disease to become a usual disease in men. Once prostatitis occurs, it is more challenging to treat and can also cause prostate hyperplasia (hypertrophy), prostate stones, and prostate cancer complications. And because the long-term treatment is not healed, many patients are troubled, so is chronic prostatitis incurable?

Although the treatment of male chronic prostatitis is complex, the disease can also be cured. The key lies in male treatment and life conditioning methods because this disease requires the patient to remove the cause and adopt a comprehensive approach before treatment. It can be completely healed.
Clinical factors that lead to the prolonged treatment of prostatitis mainly include prolonged sitting, standing for a long time, excessive foreskin, having prostate stones, not paying attention to hygiene, the particular position of the prostate, long-term smoking, and alcohol abuse, abuse of antibiotics, etc. If patients want to get better, they must pay attention to predisposing factors, avoid and eliminate predisposing factors. It is the first step in the treatment of chronic prostatitis.
Chronic prostatitis treated with antibiotics is not effective, and it is easy to develop drug resistance. Therefore, patients should use herbal medicine conditioning treatment, such as herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. Its ingredients are herbaceous plants and will not produce antibiotic resistance or resistance like antibiotics. 
Although the treatment speed of herbal medicine is slow, it can cure chronic prostatitis radically and will not be recurrent. The pill can help patients to promote blood circulation, promote Qi and blood circulation, and improve local disease resistance. When using herbal medicine treatment, patients can also insist on bathing or physical therapy in the media, which can anti-inflammation.
Suppose patients with chronic prostatitis want to get better as soon as possible. In that case, they must take the hygiene of their sexual life into account, avoid unclean sex, clean themselves, establish regular sexual habits, and eat less spicy and greasy foods. Eat more light, nutritious and comprehensive foods.
In addition, patients with chronic prostatitis should not be too worried during treatment to avoid depression and anxiety caused by long-term treatment. It can even lead to a decreased or poor discharge of prostatic fluid, low libido, and sexual dysfunction. The conditions can also aggravate the disease and affect the curative effect. An excellent mental state should be cultivated. And remember to actively cooperate with doctors to treat chronic prostatitis as soon as possible to restore prostate health.

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