Why Is Chronic Prostatitis Difficult To Cure?

Date:2020-02-06 click:0
Why is chronic prostatitis difficult to cure? It’s believed that this is a problem that most of men curious about. Prostatitis is the inflammation of prostate gland which plays an important role in male reproductive system. Once infected, it will cause severe damages to the body. And there are many young men have infected with this disease. It’s not always easy to have a full recovery after taking a treatment.    

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Experts said that the difficulty in treating chronic prostatitis has something to do with neglect of self factors. It’s a misunderstanding that the hospital and doctor decide the curative effect of the treatment. Here are 3 factors that influence the effectiveness.  
1. Psychological barriers 
Some patients have checked prostate fluid for several times and the results all showed normal, but they still feel dizzy or giddy, lacking in strength, dreaminess, poor sleep, perineal discomfort, weak urine flow, lower abdominal distension.

These patients are usually introverted, sensitive, suspicious and have full of worries. Besides, some books exaggerate the damages of chronic prostatitis which make patients worry about the disease all day. Thus, the mental burden will be exacerbated and then it will be more difficult to cure chronic prostatitis.   
2. Bad living habits  
Some chronic prostatitis patients take proper treatments and the symptoms are mild, however, the infection is still hard to cure completely. These patients usually pay no attention to lifestyle changes. During the treatment, they don’t keep to the dietary principles and eat foods which can aggravate the symptoms, such as hot and spicy foods, smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. In addition, long-term sitting, riding bicycle or horse, and driving are also harmful. If male patients can’t change these bad living habits, the condition will be worsening even though the condition has been improved.     

3. Improper treatment 
Because of the causes of chronic prostatitis vary from man to man, the treatments are also different. The condition will be improved if the medication is directed at the symptoms and the causes. Patients can’t take antibiotics blindly since long-term antibiotics used for chronic prostatitis without bacterial infection will lead to dysbacteriosis and drug resistance.
Chronic prostatitis is difficult to cure if male patients attach no importance to the factors mentioned above. No matter what treatment you take to cure the infection, it’s of necessity to strictly keep to the dietary requirements. Additionally, patients who have no significant improvement by antibiotic treatment can choose alternative medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It’s proven to be efficient on treating chronic prostatitis without side effects.