Symptoms Of Chronic Prostatitis

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The symptoms of chronic prostatitis are complex and diverse. Sometimes, it is easy to be confused with simple neurasthenia. The treatment effect is also not satisfactory and the treatment standard is not unified. However, typical clinical symptoms include the following:
1. Urinary issues
Dysuria:chronic prostatitis can cause bladder irritation, resulting in burning sensation in the urinary tract, and pain will radiate to the tip of the penis. In the early morning, there may be also be cloudy discharge as mucus at the urethral orifice, and some patients may have difficulty in urinating.
Urodynia:after urination, patients might have dull pain in the urethra, residual urine and discomfort in the lower abdomen, etc., the frequency of nocturia will increase significantly, and with the aggravation of urinary tract obstruction, the number of urination will be more frequent.
Micturition:due to inflammation, the urethra is obstructed, so the pressure of urine excretion will increase. With aggravation of the condition, patient have to increase abdominal pressure to urinate, thus leading to the emergence of micturition.
2. Local symptoms
There will be discomfort and heavy feeling in the back urethra, perineum and anus, and symptoms aggravated when squatting and sitting on the chair for a long time. There are many prostate patients who also have fever, chills, body aches, weakness, anorexia, nausea and vomiting.
3. Radiation pain
The pain of chronic prostatitis is not limited to urethra and perineum, but also radiates to the organs and parts adjacent. The most common pain occurs in the low back. In addition, penis, spermatic cord, testicular scrotum, abdomen, groin area (thigh root), thigh, rectum and other places can be affected.
4. Sexual dysfunction
Chronic prostatitis can cause hypolibido, ejaculatory pain, premature ejaculation and so on; it can also affect the quality of semen. After urination or taking a bowel movement, it can also cause white discharge after urinating. When combined with seminal vesiculitis, hematuria may happen.
5. Other symptoms
Chronic prostatitis can be combined with neurasthenia, showing symptoms of asthenia, dizziness, insomnia, depression and other autonomic nervous disorders. In some severe cases, patients can have allergic reactions, conjunctivitis, arthritis and other diseases.
The low back pain caused by chronic prostatitis is easily confused with that caused by orthopedics, such as myofascitis and lumbar muscle degeneration, but the affected area of the latter one is a bit higher than that caused by prostatitis.
The symptoms of different patients vary greatly, and the results of laboratory examination may not be completely consistent with the patients' conscious symptoms.
Some patients have significant symptoms, but the palpation and examination of prostatic fluid have no special findings or slight changes while others have a large number of purulent cells in prostatic fluid, and the texture of prostate is hard, but they have no symptoms at all. Therefore, the severity of symptoms may also be related to the mental factors of patients.

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