What Types Of Prostatitis Should Be Treated With A Surgery?

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Nowadays, there are many treatments for prostatitis, such as antibiotics, traditional Chinese medicine, physical therapy, home remedies, etc. Though most types of prostatitis can be cured by Chinese medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, some patients may need to take a surgery for prostatitis. So, what types of priostatitis should be treated with a surgery? 

prostatitis treatment

Prostatitis induce nerval or mental abnormity.

Severe chronic prostatitis will induce nerval or mental abnormity. Patients will have a obsession to resect the prostate. Thus, the surgery is needed.

Stubborn cases of prostatitis.

If the condition can’t be improved by long-term medical treatments and the disease has severely affected the life quality because of the worsening symptoms, patients can take surgery to get rid of prostatitis.

Accompanied with prostate stones.

If chronic prostatitis is accompanied by multiple prostate stones, which seriously blocks the discharge of prostate fluid, patients have to be treated with surgery.

The course of prostatitis is long and repeated. 

Chronic prostatitis is a long-lasting disease. Most of patients have no obvious improvement by several medical treatments and the symptoms recur repeatedly. The long-term inflammation will make the prostate harden and smaller. What’s worse, it will increase the possibility of canceration. Therefore, patients should take a timely surgery to avoid the severe condition.

Accompanied with bladder neck sclerosis.

If prostatitis is accompanied with bladder neck sclerosis, urethral ridge hypertrophy, or merged with abscess, patients can take a surgery.   

Daily-care for prostatitis.

1.Drink more water. Prostatitis patients need to increase the intake of water to promote the urination, which is conducive to discharge the inflammatory substances.  

2.Take moderate exercise. Walking is the best way for prostatitis patients to take exercise. It’s harmful to ride a bike for a long time for it will oppress the prostate and aggravate the symptoms. 

3.Control sexual activities. When the prostate is infected or has some discomfort,  the sexual activities will make the disease worse. Therefore, patients need to pay more attention to this problem and avoid excessive sexual life.

4.Warm sitz bath. Patients can take warm sitz bath for 15~30 minutes every day to ease the prostate pain. The temperature can’t be too high. This treatment is not suggested for all men with prostatitis because it may lead to male infertility.