Why is Chronic Prostatitis Getting Younger and Younger?

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According to research, people who have prostatitis are getting younger and younger. Many young men will be confused. Why does prostatitis find them?

Experts point out that young people will get prostatitis, often based on the following reasons:
1. Inability to urinate in time and often hold back urine:
Frequent holding back urine will increase the pressure in the bladder, resulting in the reflux of urine to the kidneys, which can easily cause inflammation of the renal pelvis and ureters. In addition, holding back the urine often will make the bladder wall thinner, which can easily cause chronic inflammation of the bladder. Since the bladder is adjacent to the prostate, inflammation can gradually spread to the prostate, causing chronic prostate inflammation.
2. Failing to develop good sexual behaviors:
Many men have the habit of masturbation. Experts point out that frequent masturbation and excessive indulging in sexual problems lead to extensive and long-lasting prostate congestion. Congestion is a significant feature of inflammation. With congestion, various symptoms of chronic prostatitis appear. For example, fatigue, lethargy, frequent spermatorrhea, backaches and backaches, incessant urination always feel not clear after urination. There are often thin watery secretions or sticky, milky-white mucus at the urethra.
3. Excessively long foreskin:
Foreskin smegma causes foreskin balanitis, urethritis, etc. The bacteria infected in these places will retrograde infection from the open urethra and ejaculatory ducts from time to time, invade the prostate, and cause prostatitis.

Simple ways to prevent chronic prostatitis:
1. Drink more water:
Males may do not have a good habit of drinking water because of their busy work schedules. It will bring a severe burden to the prostate. Because drinking less water will concentrate the concentration of urine, which will bring out prostatitis. Stimulation eventually leads to the occurrence of diseases such as chronic prostatitis.
2. Avoid sedentariness:
Males will sit for a long time due to work reasons and rarely exercise. Still, prolonged sitting for a long time will quickly lead to blood circulation in the lower body, pressure on the prostate, and finally cause inflammation.
3. Supplement zinc:
Zinc is essential for men. Zinc not only protects the prostate but also participates in sperm synthesis. Because the prostate only contains zinc to achieve antibacterial effects, when men suffer from prostatitis, it will reduce the zinc content in the body.
4. Keep clean:
Men secrete a lot of sweat, coupled with poor ventilation in the genitals. It is easy to become dirt, and local bacteria often take advantage of the deficiency. It will lead to prostatitis, enlarged prostate, decreased sexual function, and severe infections if men do not pay attention to it in time. Therefore, cleaning the perineum is an essential part of preventing chronic prostatitis.
5. Prevent cold:
Keep warm in the cold season and avoid cold in the prostate will prevent chronic prostatitis. Because cold will increase sympathetic nerve excitement, resulting in increased pressure in the urethra, causing reflux and causing prostatitis.
6. Timely medication:
Instead of antibiotics, patients are apt to herbal medicine now, which is an effective conservative treatment. Although herbal medicine treatment takes longer than antibiotics, it can gradually regulate the body and cure chronic prostatitis. For example, the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, made of more than 50 kinds of herbs, will not produce resistance or side effects like antibiotics. Long-term use will not harm the body and promotes blood circulation, removing blood stasis, diuresis and leaching, anti-inflammatory and sterilizing.

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