Can Prostatitis Patients Eat Shrimps?

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Some patients with prostatitis can not bear the trouble of taking drugs for a long time, trying to do a prostatectomy to "eliminate the lesion." They seem "deeply disgusted" with chronic prostatitis and are eager to cut the root of the problem.


And more patients have asked doctors: I heard it needs to supplement zinc after suffering from prostatitis, and shrimps are rich in zinc. Should I eat more? But I also heard that shrimp and other seafood could irritate the body and aggravate prostate congestion.

Can prostatitis patients eat shrimp after all?


1. Zinc content affects prostatitis 


It is found that trace elements are closely related to human reproductive function. 

The main components of prostatic fluid include protein, various enzymes, and organic matter. It also contains many trace elements, of which zinc accounted for the vast majority.

The amount of zinc in a healthy person's prostatic fluid is 720μg/dl, while the amount in other tissues is only 80μg/dl. The content of zinc in the prostatic fluid was 324.5±34.9μg/dl in patients with non-bacterial prostatitis and 135.6±28.1μg/dl in patients with bacterial prostatitis. The results showed that the zinc content of the prostatic fluid was significantly decreased during inflammation and was even lower with a bacterial infection.


With the improvement and cure of prostatitis, zinc content can gradually return to normal. It shows that zinc has an obvious correlation with the morbidity and outcome of chronic prostatitis. 


Therefore, eating food with high zinc content benefits the recovery of prostatitis.

2. Zinc-rich shrimps may do more harm than good to prostatitis.


Shrimps are rich in zinc. Zinc is of considerable benefit to rehabilitating prostatitis, and there is no denying that the delicious taste of shrimp is attractive to most people.


However, because shrimp's rich protein is mostly isomeric, some people with an allergic constitution will lead to allergic skin reactions. It belongs to the "irritant" in traditional Chinese medicine, and excessive consumption will stimulate the body, cause tissue congestion and edema, and aggravate the inflammatory reaction of prostatitis. 


In addition, shrimp generally contains a lot of purines. This protein is broken down to produce uric acid. The increased uric acid content in the blood may also be one of the causes of prostatitis.


Long-term repeated congestion of the prostate is one of the causes of chronic prostatitis. At the same time, whether bacterial or aseptic prostatitis, the inflammatory prostate tissue will be widely congested. 


Therefore, in preventing and treating chronic prostatitis, it is essential to pay more attention to controlling the factors that may cause or increase prostate congestion. 


Is it better to eat shrimp or not? 


For patients with prostatitis, shrimps, crabs, and other shells are cold and wet "irritants". And must eat less or not at all.


3. Other zinc supplements promote prostatitis recovery 


Zinc supplements can also be achieved through other zinc-rich foods: 


(1) Meat, eggs, animal liver, food ants, etc. 


(2) Other plant foods, such as wheat embryos, sesame, peanut, and pumpkin seeds, contain many zinc elements. 


(3) Also, soybeans and their products, such as tofu, soy milk, and dried beans, are rich in soy isoflavones. 


(4) Apples, tomatoes, and other prostate patients can eat more appropriately.


Chronic prostatitis is still a clinical syndrome that confounded doctors and patients today. It causes alcoholism, local cold pressure, spicy food, and irregular (too often or too little) sex. Recently, it has been found that prolonged holding of urine and changes in urine flow mechanics leading to urine regurgitation into the gland are also important causes.


It is recommended to take the traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic And Anti-inflammatory Pill, which can sterilize, reduce inflammation, diuretic, and has an obvious curative effect on prostatitis. After a period of strict diet and adherence to medication, complete recovery can be achieved without relapse.

In short, the important physiological function of the prostate requires men to take good care of it. In addition to serious hyperplasia and canceration, surgery is generally not used as a treatment. As long as you adhere to the rules of treatment, you can remove the endless troubles brought by prostatitis to men.

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